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Wcdm - Hm2o Mop
Wcdm = hm2o mop smokey the bear attraction! Didn't need a fire extinguisher! Had the fire & water! Just couldn't use the water to put out the fire!

Thought I would mop my kitchen floor, but instead, I used my fire extinguisher to put out the sparks & flames. I've owned two of these HM2O mops less than a year with no problems until today 6-14-09. The reason that I had purchased two of these units is because I clean homes for a living. One ...


I just moved out on my own and this was my first call in order to anything, i ordered and i asked the lady repeatidly if this was my only payment of 41.95 and she said yes. After about a week i cancelled and thought that was the end of that, when i was billed 2 payments of 29.95. I called and they ...

Propolene - Obesity Research Institute
Propolene, llc or obesity research institute, llc advertised a $30 trial & charged my credit card $90 without my approval. Rip-off!

When I first called Propolene, I was very specific in stating that I was interested in the $30 trial of a dietary supplement advertised on TV. When I received the product, it said my credit card had been charged $89.85, an amount I DID NOT agree to. I called customer service, and the representative ...