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Chrysler Financial

I am 26 yrs old i purchased the 2002 dodge neon in 2005 my mother was primary on the loan and i was the cosigner the finance dept at the dealership did this in order to get a better intrest rate. My mother paid my car payment for the first 6 months as i was a full time student and living on my own. ...

Chrysler Financial
Credit Ripoff reporting fraud, improper credit reporting, holding payments, posting payments late and charging late fees, dispute account and no response from financial company

We have had a lease for several years and thankfully it will be ending soon. Our vehicle was a lemon and although we handled that part of the matter (Chrysler Jeep Cheerokee) the financial part is still a mystery. Chrysler Financial never placed the account in dispute, reported incorrect ...

Chrysler Financial
Repossessed 2 vehicles

I am in the middle of getting a divorce and was forced to move out of my home of 21 years. I eventually moved in with a friend. At the same time, I lost my job. I had a hard time paying my bills, but was getting them paid even if they were behind. I received a call from Mr. Fields at Chrysler ...

Chrysler Financial

I purchase my 1998 Dodge Neon in 03/1998 brand new. From 1999 until 2004 I have been having problems with a bad oil leaks. My car was in the shop 3 times or more for a crank head gasket in 1999. Chrysler was rude and very unprofessional about the situation. They did not want to give me a renter ...