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Complaint-review: Elite Bulldogs of Texas - SCAM

Elite Bulldogs of Texas

This Kevin Jackson of numerous address, Austin, Marshall, Houston, Dallas and Cameron, to name a few in Texas. Phone # 346-762-9205, 281-668-5088 and 976-626-2316 and numerous sites, Elite Bullies and bulldogs, Elite Bulldogs of Texas is a SCAM ARTIST . HE takes your money then starting asking for more and more. Then he misses ...

Netspend Ace Elite
Disabled Social Security Receipent... 687.95 dollars taken from my Direct Deposit US Treasury Check, and my Account is Blocked where I have no access. Dallas

I receive social security disability and netspend took 687.95 dollars of my monthly benefits for an unauthorized charge, they also blocked my account and i don't have access. Tony account. I think these people need to be turned in to the attorney general. They are stealing government money from disabled people. ...

Transport nightmare

I booked a ship date and the 3rd. Party, who actually was to do the shipment, did not show up for 3 days, then lost over $500.00 worth of parts from the shipment. Uship is a broker, who let the job out to a broker, who let the job out to another broker, who actually was a transport person. Uship had no control over anyone and ...

Cellular Sales Verizon Wireless
Cellular Sales is a SCAM to customers and especially their "employees"! Cedar Park, Killeen, Georgetown, Taylo

Everything that you read on this site about Cellular Sales is TRUE... Except, of course, the pathetic attempts made by the SCAMMERS themselves trying to deflect any responsibility. Why on earth would there be SIX YEARS worth of reports on this company if it were fallacious and the fault of the employee... Ahem "contractor" who ...

Taken to the cleaners

I purchased a house from Econo homes about a 7 months ago. The place was a fair deal but they did not record their deed for 6 months. Therefore no one recognized me as the owner. Tried to negitiate with the HOA - can't do it if you dont own it, try to get a permit cant do work on the property if you dont own it. Long story ...