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Tax Inc
Tax incorporated, julie chen. Bret feritas, mr maynard, mr ciaco company offers irs help, but once you send money, they do nothing! They avoid your calls, avoid calling back, avoid explaining anything los angeles california

I enlisted this company's help in February 2006, paying $2,500.00 to help me lift a lien on our credit report. I discovered such lien when I was applying for a mortgage. This company stated they would be quick as they were informed I wanted this done ASAP, as I am in mortgage process and need to ...

Tax Incorporated
AKA TAX INC, Perry Kurtz, Julie Chung, And ANYONE Associated With Them TAX INCORPORATED Evil, Wicked, Heartless, Predators! Stay away from these monsters!

I contacted Tax Inc. After my mother called me in tears about back taxes owed on money that was stolen from her by a family member. I spoke with Perry Kurtz who reassured me with false sympathy as he was, I'm sure, delighted to be able to take advantage of a desperate, scared person. After ...

Tax Incorporated
Scam artist

I hired this company to represent me in issues with the IRS. I was given a guarntee by a man named Jeff Klinger. After 1 week of hiring them and paying 9500 dollars the lead agent from Tax Inc. By the name of Yuliya Diaconn, contacted me and said I needed to hire a tax attorney because they could ...