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Address: 762 W Lancaster Avenue Bryn Mawr PA 19010-3489
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Aqua America Inc
Aqua america is a scam

My mother has been paying water bills of at least 600.00 a month and upwards. Its just her and my brother. Plumbers say there is no leak. Neighbors say they bill is only 40.00. Both neighbors have pools. She has no pool. Why is her bill so high? When she cals aqua America they convince her that ...

Aqua America Inc
Bad Water Company

This is the worst water company ever to deal with. They been over charging me ever since I have contract with them. They charge me for warter i dont even use. Since I been with them Ive only used 2 gallons of water because the the house is being repair. And in my statement they are charging me 200 ...