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Great salesperson, big con - wanting thousands of dollars for advertisement

On June 11,2010 I received a phone call from a young man who was a GREAT salesperson. He talked me into spending $149.00 for one year of internet support, a custom web site, a deluxe email account, hosting and site maintenance, processing and activation. If that all happened, it would be a great deal, especially since this is a ...

Lied about what I could use, how it could be used, what they would send, what the system would do

Bue Hoizons told me I could not use wind turbins to generate electric because I did not have sufficient land so I would have to go solar... Lie! They told me I had sufficient roof space for solar panels and all equipment would be sent for the complete system... Lie... An additional $1,000.00 plus was needed for set up and many ...