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Quickcash FromCraigslist
Quickcash Craigslist Charged my debit for $39.95 FOR SOMETHING i did recive and put my acount in overdraft thats costing $8.00 a day. I live on a fixed income

I was charged $39.95 for something i did not order, I tried to call them and after 30 min. I got tired of waiting I report it to my bank they filed a report to Craigslist on the 26th OF JAN. I live on a fixed income an cant afford the bank charging me $8.00 a day until this mess is taken care of. ...

Quickcash - Craigslist

They tell you that for $1.95 you will get a cd telling you the way to make Quickcash from Craigslist, but only don't tell it will cost you $39.95 a month. It's in the fine print somewhere You call the # they give you nothing but runaround never get a real ans. You can not be refunded your money ...