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Forest Labs - SSRI & Antidepressant Drug Manufacturers CELEXA Aka Forest Pharmaceuticals
SSRI & Antidepressant Drug Manufacturers CELEXA Aka Forest Pharmaceuticals, Forest Labs WARNING: Use of SSRI or Antidepressant Drugs (Celexa, Paxil, Prozac, etc.) VISION LOSS, VISION CHANGES, ABNORMAL VISION, VISUAL FIELD DEFECTS, PARTIAL BLINDNESS ripoff

At the age of 33, I began taking the prescribed medication, CELEXA, which is classified as an SSRI or Antidepressant. By the age of 35 (after approx. 24 months of using CELEXA) I had lost all the CENTRAL VISION in my right eye. Three Specialists have diagnosed this as PERMANENT AND IRREVERSIBLE ...

Forest Pharmaceuticals. Aka Celexa Manufacturers
Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Aka Celexa Manufacturers WARNING: If you or someone you love takes CELEXA: My story about Celexa and Macular Degeneration = BLINDNESS

If you or someone you love is taking the prescribed medication CELEXA, be cautious. Especially if you or the loved one is a SENIOR CITIZEN. Within 23 months of taking the medication, CELEXA, I lost the central vision in my right eye. I WAS 37 YEARS OLD. I began taking the antipressant Celexa in ...