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Whole Sale Merchant Warehouse
Wholesale Merchant Warehouse INDUCE FRAUD Misrepresented the real charges of their service. To gauge and steal money directly out of my checking account, Portland

The sales representative for this company informed me that the monthly fees were $5.00 with a 1.6% transaction fee. I had a current contract with Costco for $28.00 per month and a 1.99% transaction fee. Because this was such a lower price and because the representative assured me that they would ...

Wholesale Merchant Processing
Attempted to sstop contract before 3 days-told contract was noncancable, fraud about would pay balance contract on old machine, fee not less thann old machine

I had signed the contract. Never was it mentioned that it was a 10 year contract. Never was it mentioned that the contract is non-cancable. I was told to compare the bill against the present credit card machine and if the charges were more than what I was paying he would personally come and remove ...