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Seminars Vitamin Ripp-Off Scam

500,000 People and 14 Years Later, Gorayeb Seminars Remains True to Its Original Mission:"To Provide Information, Education, and Training That Enables People to Improve Their Health and the Quality of Their Lives" On January 11,2006 I went to the Gorayeb Hypnosis Seminar to stop smoking at the Marriot Hotel in my neighboring ...

Gorayeb Seminars

On 10/28/05, I went to Gorayeb Seminars, Indianapolis, In. To stop smoking. Only to Find out they were pill pushers. I was supposdley hypnotized also. I left the Seminar feeling the desire to smoke still, so I did, meaning the Stop Smoking Seminar did not work. Our speaker John Jaco started speaking of all these ...

Gorayeb Seminars
Not Hypnosis but vitamin sales

My wife & I attended the Seminar in Council Bluffs, Iowa on 10/20/05. The paper advertised hypnosis to stop smoking. We had looked into this before & found that if you go to a "real" hypnotherapist, it can cost anywhere from $200 - $500. So we thought that $50 per person wasn't that bad. Plus that "0 money back guarantee" ...

Gorayeb Seminars
Ripoff 110% guarantee reimbursement

I am writing to let you know that I have contacted the Gorayeb office about reimbursement. They stated that I had to attend two more seminars for the stop smoking program, so I asked them if there was a list of seminars within reasonable distance to possibly attend. They stated that they would get me out some seminar ...