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Complaint / Review
Big Two / Bigtwo / Big2 Toyota Service Department
Big Two - Bigtwo - Big2 Toyota Service Department charge different price when paid, service manager never called back when part was delayed

5/1 8:30am, we dropped off the car for repair. The car was required to cool down for 3 hours in order to inspect the noise. Alex, the service manager served us. At 11:30 am, I reminded Alex about us and he checked with the technician. Technician told him that he identified the noise and required to replace the pump.

Alex then sat down with us and went over the price. He said the pump costed $378.17, including the labor would be $504. He also told us that the gasket and o ring started leaking but no need to replace for now.

The prices are $14.48 and $4.53 respectively, including labor would be $104 and $107. Adding these 3 items together would be $715. He wrote down on a worksheet and we still kept that copy. We then decided to replace the pump only. We asked for the discount since we did a major service there before and he was willing to give us 10% off. Since we got another $50 credit, so the quote is 504x0.9-50=$403.6. He said it should get fixed by the end of the day. He then arranged the rental car for us. We waited for his phone call and finally we called him around 4 or 5 pm. He told us he left a voice mail but my cell showed no missed call or voice mail at all. He also told us that my car should be ready by 10 am on 5/2. Next morning, there was no phone call from him as expected so I gave him a call around 10:30am. He then said the car would be ready by noon and he asked my phone number again just to "confirm".

By 4pm, there was still no phone call. I gave him a call but he already left for Vegas. James, another service manager, helped me and told me that the part was just arrived at that afternoon. Therefor I asked to talk to Joe, who was the service director because we felt like Alex was not telling us the truth. Joe talked to us and he said he would look into it to find out why and when the part was delayed. Finally James called me back and told me the car would be ready around 5 pm and he said he did not know when the part arrived exactly...

Joe then handed me over the bill to pay and it turned out the total charge was over $700. We then sat down and talked to him. Finally he said he firmly believed what Alex wrote down in the computer but he still waived the charge for $300 something in order to match the original quote of $504. Since we got $50 dollars credit so he applied that too and it turned out to be $450. We told him it was not originally we agreed with Alex since it should still have additional 10% off. Joe insisted that he "firmly believed" what Alex said although he was not there when Alex talked to us. Finally we agreed to pay but we also request him to put down extra term in the bill: 10% of the balance is subject to argument and Joe promised that Alex had to call us when he got back on Tuesday.

When we paid, the cashier, who sat close to Joe's office, threw the stuff around and treated us very rude such as yellling at us. I had told Joe about it afterward. Also, James and Alex promised to top ALL fluid for our car but luckily we did inpect it because we did not trust Alex and yes, we found out the windshield fluid was not filled at all. Joe then helped us to fill it up. Now is 5/6 10 pm and I had received no phone call from Alex as what Joe promised on Friday, 5/2.

Few questions stayed unclear:
1. Alex told us on 5/1 around 4 pm and said the car would be ready at 10 am next morning. When we called around 10:30am, then he said 12 pm and finally we picked up the car at 5 pm but Alex already went to Vegas. James said the part was delivered to them from Los Angles in that afternoon. Why Alex told us 10 am and 12 pm when the part was still not arrived? He did not know or he just made things up? This need to be answered.

2. I had told Joe, who is Alex's boss about question

#1. Why he still said "firmly believe" what Joe did after I told him about question #1. As a leader and also someone's supervisor in a service department, that was being too subjective. Also, when Joe filled up the windshield fluid for us, we mentioned about last time the technician filled the powersteering fluid too much and started spilling during our $1000 service. Joe said no one would do it in Bigtwo. I told him yes, you guys did that to my car and I had to bring my car back last time for repair because the powersteering fluid spilled on my timing belt. He was speechless after I said that and luckily I still kept that statement for that particular job as record and proof. This just proved that Joe was too subjective again. He should verify first before he made any comment.

3. Why was the cashier mad at us? We should only pay $403.6 instead of $450. We had paid $46.4 more. We should be mad instead of her since that extra was out of our own pocket. Joe kept saying we already paid more than $300 less but that was not Alex and we agreed when we made the decision. We still paid extra $46.4 dollars according to the original agreement. Luckily we still had that record as proof too.

4. Why Alex put extra $300 dollars on our bill and left without telling us? What was his purpose behind that?

Offender: Big Two / Bigtwo / Big2 Toyota Service Department

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Chandler
Address: 1250 South Gilbert Road
Phone: 4808986000

Category: Cars & Transport


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