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Complaint / Review
Valley Collision Center, Inc
Valley Collision Center in Northridge The Most Corrupt Place to Take Your Vehicle

I REGRET ever taking my car to this body shop. The owners, "Harry" and"Tony, " the other two were extremely dishonest and fraudulent.

At first, "Harry" and "Tony" promised the moon and the stars. They promised to take "excellent" care in repairing my car.
However, a week later, I found out that they'd lost 3 important parts of my vehicle. And neither of them was willing to take responsibility. I was in shock.

Then, an ex employee contacted me and stated to me that the owners had actually stolen those parts and that they did this to vehicle owners on a regular basis and that it was part of the fraud that "Harry" and "Tony" committed against their customers.

When I asked the owners about my missing car parts, they became very defensive and told me to come sign a waiver (a waiver to release THE OWNERS) from liability and get my half-done car out of there.

I told them that I'd have to have a different body shop come tow it (afterall, the owners had renderred my car undrivable!) and I'd have to have my insurance appraiser take a second look at the car and inspect it for all the new damages and missing parts.

That's when Harry went crazy on me and yelled obscenities and physically threatened me AND MY FAMILY.

They were trying to cover up their fraud, so they threatened me by extorting an extra 2050.00 dollars from me&YES, EXTORTED money from me by stating that since I had already signed for them to fix it, then they could keep my car indefinitely and then charge me storage fees, if I tried to have it moved to a different body shop to be inspected!

So I had to pay them 2050.00 hostage money AND let them keep my car another 2 months while they claimed to still be working on the body.

In the end, I paid more than 5000.00 dollars OVER the original contract and agreement&AND MY CAR NEVER WORKED THE SAME!

That day they FORCED me to sign for my car (they yelled that if I did not sign a paper, then they would refuse to release my car and would continue to charge me yet MORE storage fees, PER DAY, to the point that I'd never be able to afford the fees, and then they would put a lein on my car and sell my car!).

As for the "written guarantee" that they falsely claim to offer in the beginning, in order to get your business, THAT "WRITTEN GUARANTEE" DOES NOT EXIST. The way they trick you is that, at first, they promise a written guarantee, to get you to sign on the dotted line to authorize reapirs. But from that point on, you're scewed, because after that, they keep your car, steal the parts, raplace damaged parts with used parts (while they lie that they used "Brand new " parts) and cause you all kinds of trouble, threaten to keep your car and then charge storage fees, and on and on, until you're worn out.


When I got my car back, there was extensive engine damage that was not there before they had gotten hold of my car.

And they refused to ever answer my calls after that.

And just recently I discovered that they have a negative rating with the Better Business Bureau due to numerous consumer complaints and 5 different law suits against them.

Valley Collison Center, Northridge, California is a scam and a chop shop. BE AWARE OF THIS BODY SHOP!!!

We researched this place and discovered that the so-called "good" reviews are nothing but fake reviews that the body shop owners, "Harry, " "Tony, " and "Alex" paid Craigslist people to post falsely.

Valley Collision has a poor record with the Better Business Bureau.

They have destroyed and lost parts to several vehicles of their other customers.

They will initially make all kinds of FALSE promises and claims and lies just to get your business. They'll even offer a phony "guarantee."

But that guarantee means NOTHING.

They destroyed my own car 3 months ago and have refused to return any of my phone calls.

The owners are liars and they'll give you the run around and constantly lie to you about your car. Once they have your car in their shop and they've gotten you to sign the agreement, they'll lose parts to your car, stall service, make up stories, pass the buck, and then refuse to return your phone calls.

Please do not fall victim to this place and its unscrupulous Armenian owners.

There are many other reputable body shops in the area and elsewhere. Take your vehicle to one of those other places. Horrible experience and loss of my vehicle.

Offender: Valley Collision Center, Inc

Country: USA   State: California   City: Northridge
Address: Eddy Street

Category: Cars & Transport


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