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Complaint / Review
GForce pefomance chip
Can't make contact to request refund, person that answers phone is very rude & avaisive, just cuts me off & tells me to send email with questions to "Harry". I sent email to address advising that I w

I just bought a truck that other than the mpg was totally happy with. I googled "What would improve my mpg" and the website for GForce performance chip came up. I read ad and it sounded what I was looking for, I calle 877-599-2447 to ask if I were to enter 4.7L for engine size would that be enough, was told yes so I placed order.

I talk to a mechanic about installing the chip, and he mentioned that there were 2 ways to install chips and wanted to know which method the chip I bought would require. I got on google again and this time ask what is the best performance chip and this time a website came up with reviews on these chips, and one perticular one said that gforce chips only"spoofed computer to see rich condition via the air intake temp sensor or the 02 sensors, the computer then leans out the mix, raising your exhaust gas temp and setting you up for engine damage down the road" I called the same number I had dialed the day before to ask "How does the chip improve mpg" the same rep that I spoke to the day before then started to read a script (or so it sounded that way to me) to answer my question, but after I spouted off wht I had read, his attitude changed completely andhe replied"I hav never heard of that sir, I have never ever heard of that happening. Thanks for your call" and hung up.

Well I didn't expect that and called back to ask why he had hung up on me, the same guy answered and said "I don't have time to deal with someone that has been brain-washed by crack mechanic" and hung up. I called again and this timehe just said "Albert if you have any questions write to harry @ the email address. I asked if there was a phone # I could call and he said no, you guessed it, he hung up.By now I was furious and 100% convinced that I wanted to cancell my order so I called the # again, again he answered with "Albert, I've already told you to write the email address", a soon as I was able to get a word in I told the rep " Look I not calling for no other reason but to ask what is the procedure to request a refund" he replied that I he was a third party and couldn't answer my questions to write Harry. I logged on to start my refund request, but I wanted the name of the rude individual I had been dealing with, so I called number again, this time after the "All representives are busy, please hold" no one ever answered the call, after staying on line for a bit I reutrned to form and left message stating my experience and that I would not be installing device and just wanted my money back. The only response 've gotten so faris an email letting me know that chip has been shipped off. Sir/Maam, I have read more complaints on these folks and now fear that if and when I gt a refund that I will not get the entire refund, that even if no where on order form or anywhere else does it state that there will be a re-stocking fee and I could possibly only receive about $54.

I am a retired dis-abled vet and receive dissability SSOC and need the entire refund, but would gladly give up the $20.00 to see these scammers put out of business. My ony question is why are they still in businesstaking honest folks hard earned money. Thank you

Offender: GForce pefomance chip

Country: USA
Address: 17595 Harvard ste. C -194
Phone: 18775992447

Category: Cars & Transport


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