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Rude arrogant jerk employees mistreat good customers

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Chick-fila and fast food is really full of white and just plain human TRASH that feels like they can put down insult and demean innocent young females especially. They are some of the most arrogant bullying insecure jealous aholes on the planet.

I have had some incredibly hellish experiences with chick-fil-a throughout the past 7 years. Chick fil-a employees are horrendous just down right EVIL messed up jerks. They feel they can put down bully and treat young innocent females badly. They are RACIST and just plain psychotic.

Today, I went to a chick fila that I have been going to ever since it opened. At one point I was a very good customer who went every single day. And every single day I went, I had to deal with the incredibly rude and mean attitudes of some very low class low quality sub-human beings. Just because I had a coupon I used most of the time I went, one particular very stupid Hispanic female always gave me a hard time for no reason.

At one point, I even told her off and told her what a jerk she was and what she always tried to do.instead, she gave me an even harder time after that just to be insulting and demeaning, and because shes an evil arrogant freak. The managers didnt care or say anything to her, they never care, and act mean themselves. I had even worse experiences at other chick fil-as ones located on rouse road and a chick-fil-a in tuskawilla, but I wont even GET into how horrid those jerks treatment was. They were ten times worse than this chick-fil-a the report is being written about because those entire restaurants were just run by low class corrupt evil psycho jerks who were beyond racist bullies.

My complaint is particularly with two employees at This chick-fil-a, and the entire company of chick-fil-a and how many of its restaurants are run by the lowest class sub-human assholes and losers, and how they are racist and treat young females badly. Almost everytime I have been to chick-fila I have had to deal with incredibly horrible treatment by the low-quality insects that work there. I only go back because I really like the food but it's such a horrid pity that there is so much bad treatment and racism by jerks that work for this company, and the company does absolutely nothing about these aholes and their rude treatment of innocent customers.

Today I went to this chick-fil-a purchasing some food as usual. I hadn't been there in a while since I was out of the country and on vacation and went last week and had no problem with bad attitude. But when I ordered my food and paid, I just asked the girl at the window if she had included something I ordered, just to make sure it was there. One anorexic looking white trash low life hick looking troll female in the back then began making some really rude comments about me.

She made these comments just to insult and be demeaning and put me down. There was a manager standing right next to her and she just looked at her a little awkwardly, but didn't do a single THING to reprimand this uneducated low life white trash piece of crap. I drove away annoyed and called their customer service hotline immediately.

Regardless, it's absolutely horrible that these low class b*ches who are obviously illiterate, not educated, unintelligent, and just low quality stupid trash, can get away with disrespecting innocent females good customer and good people. It's even worse that the managers do nothing about it, let them get away with it and even act that way themselves.

Chick-fil-a is one of the WORST companies out there when it comes to customer service and its workers are very arrogant rude bullies who think they can treat people badly and get away with it. They especially treat REGULAR customers bad, because they know they continue to come back. What kind of horrible establishment and company allows their employees to be so condescending, rude, arrogant, but on top of that have this huge "creed" where they claim they will treat every customer with respect etc.

The low life very low class employees at chick fila have been nothing except pure EVIL, and have gotten away with their terrible rude attitudes and treatment of customers. They also do this to young females because they don't see them as a threat and feel they can get away with it— and usually do. Someone needs to stop these low life jackasses from being able to treat minorites this way.

Their racism, bad attitudes, rude and condescending statements and actions have just gone TOO far. Chick fila needs to start monitoring their employees and taking appropriate action against the ones that think they can get away with treating innocent people bad. The chick-fil-a on rouse road, and in tuskawilla is even WORSE and their employees are really some of the most horrendous arrogant racist jerks I have ever encountered period. Chick fila you need to do something about your evil employees and their actions and attitudes, before someone takes action against the obvious racism and discrimination the employees there show towards people.

You would think that a business would appreciate customers, but these days, some businesses are much different. They feel they can be bad to the customer and get away with it. Well Chick-fil-A you will begin to lose customers FAST if you don't change the attitudes of your pathetic sad powertripped high school and middle aged maggot trash employees very soon...

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Offender: Chick-fil-a

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando
Address: Waterfordlakes, Rouse Rd

Category: Cafes, Bars, Restaurants


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