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Complaint / Review
Vocelli Pizza Pittsburgh - Brentwood
Cockroach in pizza box - and manager said I put it there!

First we ordered 2 8-cut Pizzas and an order of breadsticks and in it came to $38.97 plus tip. When it arrived my wife, 5 year old daughter and I sat down to enjoy our expensive dinner. We all grabbed a slice and I had aready started eating it when my wife screamed! She said there is a bug in the pizza box. I looked and could not believe it. There was a coakroach smashed in the inside lid of the pizza box! Immediately we freaked out. I had to force a 5 year old to stop eating dinner, while she is screaming what what what. Finnally got everyone to stop eating.

So I call Vocellis phone number which rings to a call center. The first salesman picked up and I told him what had happened he gasped in horror and I asked to speak with a manger. Then a lady picks up and says she is with the "customer service" department. I tell her what had happenned and she says she can have them re-make the pizza. I responded, " I don't want anyother pizza, would you want another pizza from the same company that served you a coakroach." She kindly said she would credit the order and have someone pick the old one up. OK I thought thats fair. But NO!!! She puts me on hold comes back on and says she credited the pizza but no one would be coming back to get the pizza. Seemed fair.

Just to make sure everything was credited I took the pizza back to Vocelli Pizza Brentwood / Pittsburgh store. Al I wanted was to show them the bug and get a slip that said my order had been credited, sounds easy right? No Not at Vocelli Pizza Bentwood.

I walk in put the three boxes on the table and said, " I am the guy who had a cockroach in his pizza I wanted to drop it off and get a slip that shows you credited my card." The guy says yeah we credited ONE!!! Of those back! I couldnt believe it. I told him I wanted everything credited back. And I asked him the same thing. "If you found a coackroach in your pizza would you want it?" He opens the boxes and says, " I dont even see it." I showed it to him. And he says, " well that wasn't there before and you ate half of it already." I blew up I could not believe this guy. I said, "You dont have to be a smart a* about it, you think I put it there??? Do you think I have nothing a better do then pt bugs in my pizza???" "There's pizza missing because it is in my garbage can I took a bite and then found the bug and got sick?" He was refusing to credit my pizza order. I was pi*ed he still refused to accept the fact that his shop served a cockroach. After telling him how I felt about him and the fact that he accused me of "planting a cockroach" in my pizza. He did credit my account.

I could not believe this type of service. I have never never had a problem like this. Why wouldn't Vocellis just credit the pizza and be done with it. They did serve a cockroach to my 5 year old daughter the least he could have done was credit my my card back!!! I brought the pizza back to them.

I then called customer service back again to tell them what had happened. I got the same lady and told her what had happened. She tells me "yeah he told me that he was only going to credit the one pizza back with the bug in it." What well it sure would have been nice if someone told me that!!! It is a good thing I went back there and made sure I was credited. She also agreed with me that she would not have eatin it and that it was not the manager/owner business to be accussing me of planting a cockroach in a pizza box.

To sum this all up this was the worst I repeat the worse experience with any pizza company or any company for that matter. I would not recommend this Vocelli Pittsburgh to anyone. Just based on the fact that they tried to make me pay for the pizza and had the nerve to say I put a cockroach in the box and just wanted it for free. Stay away from Vocelli Pittsburgh Please!!!

Offender: Vocelli Pizza Pittsburgh - Brentwood

Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Pittsburgh
Address: 4022 Clairton Blvd
Phone: 4128853330

Category: Cafes, Bars, Restaurants


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