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World Financial Group
The office I was "interviewed" at was TransAmerica. MLM recruitment disguised as job interview for World Financial Group

So I wrote to multiple job openings on Craigslist in the finance section as I am a college graduate with a degree in finance. I got a call from this guy saying he will like to interview me for a "job" with TransAmerica in Irvine CA.

Well, the office was very nice and professional so in my head the last thing I was thinking about is being some kind of MLM recruitment scheme. The guy even offered me free tea in a very nice break room area and I sat down to talk about the job. Then later he asked how much I'd like to be making and later he says "how would you like to make a million dollars" and at that point I was suspicious he was going to ask me to pay for something. And later on in the interview, he hands me a paper that requires $100 for a background check and I told him that I was not going to pay it. But he still doesn't push me to pay for it and wants to invite me for a second interview while I wait on paying the background check. Then he shows me a video for World Financial Group and tells me how this guy here makes $4 million. So what was supposed to be a job with TransAmerica is now being a recruit for World Financial Group to be my own boss. I am fine having my own job and I'm not looking to brag to everyone I work among millionaires and my own boss because I know people will laugh at me when they say I am a sucker that fell for an MLM pyramid scheme company.

Well, then he took me into an empty office space next door and kept saying how this company is growing and invites me to "a second interview" in Corona CA. But this second interview is that Saturday morning seminar everyone is talking where you are greeted by a bunch of people with fake smiles that are happy you found this great opportunity. Then you go into a smaller conference room to here about success stories and barely anything about the product they are selling. One speaker talks about how he can afford a Mercedes S-class and makes a comment of if you were not rich enough and were at the Benz dealer looking at the S-class, the sales man will direct you to the C class. Pretty mean comment to make and not professional at all. Funny thing is, the manager who drove us recruits to this seminar drove us in a older model Toyota van that looked like something bought at the used car lot. I have nothing against the car, but coming to a meeting where all they talk about is vacations, luxury cars, making lots of money, coming up in an old Toyota van made me believe the more experienced manager can't even make the kind of money promised at these seminars.

So later I looked up World Financial Group on the internet and complaints are everywhere about this organization about how people lost money. Many reviews from other people went through the same thing I did, from being asked for $100 background check to attending the pep rally style seminar. And also that insurance license test that costs around $500. And I'm sure my experience will be the same as new people who were offered this opportunity by some guy who made promises of making lots of money and being your own boss. I however did not pay the background check so I didn't have the chance to see what will really happen on this job, which I heard included trying to sell life insurance plans to friends/family and recruiting friends/family.

So later I messed with this guy sending him an email where I showed him a Yelp review about how this individual went through the same exact process and realized it was a scam, but said I was still interested only if he can pay for the background check himself. He replies saying those who made bad reviews are uncoachable people and says he is not allowed to pay for my background check. But I know he is lying because WFG would not care who pays for it because money is money. So since he talked about how I could easily make a million dollars, I replied he should pay the $100 background check under the desk and I would compensate him with like $100-200 grand after I make my first million and how he's missing out on a great opportunity that has a ridiculous rate of return of 10,000%. I pretty much made fun of him by this point, but he actually calls me the next day and said he is ready to take my challenge and I could here desperation and frustration in his voice. He wanted me to come to the Saturday seminar again and I said no way and that he has to waive the fees and hung up. But he still calls me back after being hung up on and gives up. Then he sends me another email saying it's not easy to make a million dollars and to focus making $5000 a month. I didn't reply back because I was done messing with him and for some reason this guy didn't get it from the start or he thinks he can still persuade me to join after reading so many bad reviews and finding out for myself what really happens if one joins this company.

Offender: World Financial Group

Country: USA   State: California   City: Irvine
Address: 7545 Irvine Center Dr Irvine CA

Category: Business & Finance


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