Complaint / Review
William (Will) Balog from Canada -Alberta Beef Company, Inc

About 5 years ago I was approached to get involved in a 60 day investment. The individuals needed a loan to get involved in a gold mining deal (Moore Global). The interest terms at first were reasonable and then I found out the real terms and there were several middlemen involved. The real terms were out of sight and extremely unreasonable. Had I known them from the start I would have never got involved. They knew that and that is why they kept it from me (Rob Breedlove and Sam Mahana in UT). Everything became real secretive at that point. As time went on I realized the extent of it all. Joseph Merenda/Will Balog were scamming world wide. We received calls from FBI and IRS to try and find our involvement with him. As I understand it now the law caught up Joseph Merenda. We were told the main contact is Will Balog and he is Joseph Merendas right hand man and then it was passed to Dr. Satu. Iam now going to make contact with the FBI rep. To disclose Balog's involvement and then we will work our way down the line. Everything had to go through the consortium which involved several people, the only other one I know involved in the consortium is Stephanie Chase in CA last I heard. All the others listed are involved in one way or another. To this day I still have not been paid back on my loan and would be open to any Lawyers who want an open and shut deal. I have all the records. I just want my money plus interest back and will get it one way or another. This was a complete fraud!
This was last reported by me Sept. 2009 and Will Balog made contact with Rob Breedlove to settle and I thought it was serious so I backed off. Well here we are a year and a half later and I never heard from him again. I am on this full scale at this point. That was more upsetting than anything to come in and lie some more. If any parties want to resolve contact me directly not Breedlove, he is as Untrustworthy as the rest.
Parties Involved throughout the Scam Process...
William Balog from Canada -Alberta Beef Company, Inc. (ABC Beef)
Joseph Merenda - North American Commercial Holdings, LLC
Dr. Coleman D. Clarke-CA Michael Moore-Moore Global Dr. Mehenou Satu Amouzou - MSA, Inc. Stephanie Chase-CA Robert Breedlove - UT Sam Mahana - UT Scott Dangerfield - UT


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