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Poster xxl

Well, having tried for days to redeem my voucher... Expired... NO IT HASN'T!!! AND AFTER TWO IGNORED EMAILS TO BOTH THE COMPANY AND GROUPON I am not going to fall for the scamsters any more, this is a refuge for business cheats, and Groupon is a company with no sense of customer service, Shame really as I has a really nice ...

De-Age and Re-New
Mistreat employees

A handicap employee needed to use the restroom and there are only 2 there for like 50 employees and she could not wait since both were being used. She had an accident and if there would be enough restrooms it could have been avoided. She could not wait and went in her clothes. The manager told her to clean up and here is a ...
Bad quality

I purchased a watch for my husband’s birthday from website called They advised it would take 7 days to arrive. After more than 21 days of chasing them the watch finally arrived. Only 5-6 months later the watch stopped working, it took me months to get them to repair. I want get my $ back. ...