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Complaint / Review
Pueblo Bonito Hotels and Resorts Cabo San Lucas
Time Share Deceptions

Bought 100 points on November 27th, and received an additional 100 points - contract # 134118.

1. We were told to email ( to deposit our rental (one bedroom you said) for 2013. We did that, and received no response confirming the transaction. We then called the phone number, as the December 15th deadline we were warned about was rapidly approaching. This call only resulted in a recording that stated to fill out a form online for rental. This was completed, yet no response or confirmation of receipt of our form. The form asks what type of unit - and according to your sales office we purchased a one (1) bedroom, yet the choices on the form were "junior, executive, or presidential and did not include one (1) bedroom. We are not sure what exactly what we purchased. None of the paperwork tells us, but it does mention only the 100 points are available for rental. Your sales office told us that we would only have to email to make our 1 bedroom available for rental for 2013. No response to our initial email releasing the points, no confirmation number for the form and no response to our second email that asked for clarification.

2. We were told we would get a password to access the Pueblo Bonito site within 20 days. We did not. After numerous calls, we were finally able to obtain said password.

3. We were told we would get a call about the title to our timeshare in Florida (Barefoot'n in the Keys) and how to procede with its' title. Never got that call. Yet we did receive a bill for $524 in transfer fees that we werent aware of. What is the status of ownership and all the ownership responsibility? Our credit card has been charged for your 10K fees, yet Barefoot'n in the Keys has billed us the 2013 H.O.A. Fees. Your sales department told us explicitly that we "were no longer owners of that timeshare as of November 27th", and would not be responsible for any further H.O.A. Charges. Barefoot'n in the Keys stated that not only are we still responsible for the H.O.A. Charges, but now have "late fee" assessments. This situation was out of our control. It seems that if we choose to use Pueblo Bonito in we will have paid both H.O.A. Assessments for Barefoot'n in the Keys and Pueblo Bonito Sunset. So instead of this transaction relieving us of this H.O.A. Burden, you have more than doubled the cost to us.

4. There was never any mention by your sales office of that additional fee of $524 to transfer Barefoot'n in the Keys title. We werent counting on that either!

5. Then theres this fine print on the contact about Mexican Federal Value Added Tax of $4.20 per point. More costs and fees we were not made aware of. All these fees added means that to use the ownership would cost us $3.68 plus $4.20 per point = $1,576.00 for 200 points TO GO ANYWHERE? Because were OWNERS? In 2011 it cost us $169.00 for the Blanco site, but from here on out it will cost $1,576.00? We cannot DO THAT. And we were not TOLD THAT!

6. Your sales office indicated that there would be many destinations available to us at a drastically discounted rate (pages of options), for weeks at $49.00 to $399.00 per seven (7) days. After visiting the web page we find a very limited list of available destinations of which most are only studio accommodations. Your sales office told us that we should never have to use our points, but would vacation from those aforementioned pages of options. There are no destinations listed desirable to us, and there are not pages of options.

7. You told us as premier members there would be many vacation options available at huge discounts, yet we can find nothing remotely affordable. We could find better vacation packages onlinefor half of your cost. It says something about a price guarantee, but, as you know, no two packages are ever equal, and realizing that guarantee would be next to impossible. We cant even avail ourselves of vacations to the Pueblo Bonito resorts now, as the cost to us, as owners, is unaffordable.
So what have John and I actually purchased for nearly $20,000.00? We dont see how we can afford to have any vacations any more, now that were owners. We feel that we were lied to, and that you totally misrepresented your product, and we dont intend to quiet about this... in addition to monies paid in November this has cost us an additional $2,102.00. We feel cheated out of $524.00 for transfer fees, $478.00 in 2013 assessments you said we would not have to pay for, and $1,100.00 in 2013 rental fees that we cannot collect, as our attempts have been ignored. AND you never mentioned that only 100 would be eligible to begin with! Yet another item you didnt tell us about. We thought we would have 4 weeks a year at Sunset for $3.68 a point. We evidently have nothing close to that.

Please respond to us and do not ignore this communication, as our previous emails and phone calls have been ignored. We would love to hear that we are completely mistaken in out interpretations, and that we havent made a big mistake with our involvemen
OR due to your misrepresentations and deceptions, you will agree to cancel this contract and refund our money.

Awaiting Your Reply


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