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Complaint / Review
StateWide Relocation
New Times Moving "F" rated mobsters robbers liars cheats fraudulent web site bait and switch gambit Green Van Lines flunkies

F rated Mob Movers: StateWide Relocation/New Times Moving Miami FL

Don't be fooled by the completely FRAUDULENT website, the friendliness of the personnel, or anything these liars say. StateWide Relocation Miami FL is not a legitimate company. If they show up at the door the day of your move
unannounced, as they did with my move-cancel the move IMMEDIATELY. No matter what. Don't do what I did. Cancel the move immediately regardless of the cost or circumstances. They may be armed and violent. They belong out of business and in jail. Sooner or later that's where they will be. They are a criminal enterprise run by criminals, despicable individuals who defraud and rob unsuspecting consumers. At this writing, August, 2012, Statewide Relocation is rated F by the BBB. If that somehow changes to a better rating it will certainly go back to an F before long as it should. Guaranteed.

There are 40 closed complaints against them with the BBB in the last 3 years. It is not accredited by the BBB.
Neither is it's parent company and partner in crime Green Van Lines, Addison TX The president of StateWide
Relocation is one Areek the Freak Azulay. Miami FL an illegal alien mobster. His American boss is Guy the Goon Cohen, Addison TX owner of Green Van Lines. Do not under any circumstances do any kind of business with these companies or individuals. You will live to regret it. Hopefully.

I am appealing here to complaint or any civic minded law firm or any consumer advocacy group to help, through the court system, and the RICO statutes, in bringing these crooks to justice. To protect consumers and to begin the
arduous process of starting to clean up the corrupt, dishonest, and organized crime dominated, household consumer goods moving business. The BBB has already gotten the ball rolling. Who else will help to protect the innocent? The federal government seems UNWIILING and incapable of protecting it's own citizens. The laws governing the
trucking business were designed that way, along with the structuring of the FMCSA. Put that together with the the overall pattern of lies, deceit, duress, intimidation and outright theft in my case, and in the current experience of thousands of other household goods moves, and one begins to ask: Does this smell like the mob? It sure does. And that's because, it is.

Although mention of Green Van Lines cannot be avoided, this report will focus on my experience with StateWide Relocation. However, there will be a report dealing with Green Van Lines as well. Now for my report about StateWide
Relocation. It consists mainly of my correspondence with a FL government agency and the Better Business Bureau and begins with my initial correspondence to the FL Division of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection. This letter tells my basic story, asks relevant questions, and appeals for help. At this point I had already filed a complaint with the BBB and declined the company's final settlement offer.

April 20,2012

Sustainability Planning and Economic Enhancement Business Affairs and Consumer Protection
140 West Flagler Suite 902
Miami FL 33130-1561

To Business Affairs and Consumer Protection:

I am writing in regards to Case Number 2012-2861. I contacted this office at the suggestion of the FL Attorney General's Office.

Enclosed please find copies of relevant paperwork from my move with StateWide Relocation. Also enclosed please find copies of claim forms I filed with CSI, Claim Services International Port St. Lucie FL detailing the extent of my loss. This complaint is in regards to a household consumer goods move I made from NY to IA from September 2-September 13,2010. One of the companies involved was: StateWide Relocation
600 NE 185 St
Miami FL 22179

On August 26,2010 I contacted Green Van Lines, Addison TX about a planned move from NY to IA. I spoke with Misty May who assured me that they would be there to pick up my belongings on the agreed upon date. She told me I work for a very honest company.

The day of the pick up arrived September 2,2010. But with it-no Green Van Lines.instead a completely different company called StateWide Relocation Miami FL was at my a dirty graffitti covered rent-a-van. Who were they? Where did they come from? I had just finished packing literally 10 minutes before. I was standing in the room where only a few weeks before, my Mom had passed away.

Most of the belongings waiting to be moved she had left me. I was still deeply grieved and in shock about losing her. But I had to move out of the apartment where I had cared for her for nearly the past six years. The rent was way beyond my
means. The movers were rude and officious. Talking on the phone to the office in a foreign language. Russian to be exact. They weren't from the U.S. They told me that. And they didn't even like our country. They told me that too. I could
identify them if necessary. The foreman's signature is on the bill of lading.

My questions then given the results of y move are these: Does StateWide Relocation hire and employ illegal criminal aliens? Do they belong to a foreign criminal organization? Is the owner of this company himself an illegal alien?
With a criminal record? Does he belong to a clandestine criminal organization?

The hiring of illegal aliens is common practice in the moving businessfrom what I understand. The influence and illegal activities of organized crime in the trucking business are well known. The federal courts and prison system testify
to that. Right up to the present day. The 2003 FBI sting in Miami FL resulting in the arrest and indictment of 16 heads of companies and 74 operators revealed once again the pervasive presence of the criminal element among movers. I would not be at all surprised to discover that the owner and employees of StateWide Relocation were among those arrested in that FBI sting.

But back to my move. All my arrangements had been made. All my belongings were packed. What could I do? Sleep on the floor? I should have. I drove to IA alone in my little car with the most precious of the belongings my Mom had left me.
And gratefully not entrusted to StateWide Relocation.

The day of the drop off arrived. September 13,2010. But a substantial amount of my belongings did not. StateWide Relocation was paid $3897 CASH, yet failed to deliver 10 containers of my belongings holding 160 items valued at $9160 approximately. How do professional movers lose six paintings, purportedly in packing done by StateWide Relocation? One of them was a family heirloom brought by my Mom from Europe after WW II. How do pro movers lose an electric guitar amp, a 5000 btu fedder's a/c unit in it's original packing, a woolen blanket made for me by my Mom with her own hands, her original recipe books, a chime clock, a small color tv and more then 100 other items. One of the 3
rubbermaid totes was 5x2x2- How do you LOSE all that stuff? Can anybody say CROOKS? The driver blamed the idiots at the warehouse for the missing items and then told me to call Barbie. Barbie Scavella to be exact. To no avail. I filed a claim with CSI Claim Services International Port St Lucie FL.

Where are my belongings? In a pawn shop? In Guy Cohen's office? In Arik Azulay's house? I never received
them. And I paid $3897 CASH for this? To be-robbed? These so called movers came into my Mother's apartment,
into the very room where she had, only a few weeks before, passed away. Then they stole the things she had left me. They are low down crooks. But they are not going to get away with it. Not if I can help it.

As if the robbery wasn't bad enough theclaim process was like pouring salt in an open wound. CSI offered me $99 as a
settlement offer. What an outrage. I refused that offer. The company's second and final good faith offer was $400. $9160 undelivered goods $3897 CASH paid to StateWide Relocation = $13,057 out of my pocket - and their
final good faith offer is $400? What kind of good faith is that? About 3 cents worth. Because that's what their offer
was - 3 cents on the dollar. Thanks, but no thanks. I did not, could not, accept that offer either.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Suddenly StateWide Relocation offered to pay for my move when they stated: We will not not refund the client above and beyond the actual cost of the their 12/6/11
correspondence to the BBB. See enclosed highlighted copy. From $99 to $3897 in the space of one complaint? Why the sudden reversal by this company? Does a legitimate company conduct business in this way? No it doesn't.

At present they have once again resorted to blatant and idiotic falsehoods by denying to the Florida Division of Consumer Services that they even made a such an offer through the Better Business Bureau According to them, those words, THEIR OWN WORDS to the BBB are completely fabricated! See enclosed highlighted copy of their 3/8/12 correspondence. StateWide Relocation is once again trying to get away with it without paying a cent of what they
owe. They are denying the evidence as well as logic and common sense.

This is a dishonest and disreputable company as a loss of accreditation and a rating that has fallen once again, to a CURRENT D from the Better Business Bureau attests. (see copy of enclosed BBB review) They've had three different
addresses in the year and a half I've had the distinct displeasure and great misfortune to know of their existence. Is that
characteristic of a stable and legitimate business? It's not. Why are they moving around so much? Who are they running from? Green Van Lines has also just lost it's BBB accreditation and it's rating has gone down as well.

No one from Green Van Lines had told me that a completely different company would do my move. They just lied right to my face. Misty May and Levi. As they will doubtless lie to Business Affairs and Consumer Protection or anyone who asks about my fact, Levi had assured me just days before the pick up that they'd be there at the agreed upon time and date. Good thing they are avery honest company-otherwise who knows if I'd be alive today?

I gave no one permission torefer or broker my move. But these companies had me trapped and they knew it. It was a set-up. From the get-go. Green Van Lines never had any intention of doing my move. It was all lies. Then StateWide Relocation robbed me. I would not be at all surprised to find out that they fenced my belongings to their crooked eco-friendly accomplice and parent company-Green Van Lines. There was nothing green about my move. They wrecked the ecology of my life for over a year and a half. That phony website of theirs is criminal. It should be taken down immediately. So no one else gets taken in. That company is a complete fraud.

And I had never heard of StateWide Relocation in my life. I did not contact this company at all, prior to my move. I was never contacted at all by this company before my move. They have claimed otherwise but let them show documentation to prove that claim-please? They have no documentation to prove otherwise. Because none exists. They just showed up at my door the day of the pick-up unannounced. And unwanted. That's not deceptive, unfair, and suspicious? It is. And it's called bait and switch. What a disgrace. I went ahead with the move under circumstances that amount to duress.

Will Business Affairs and Consumer Protection investigate? I implore it to do so. Protect others from suffering as I did. These crooks should be put out of business and in jail where they belong. They might be out of business by the time this
letter reaches Business Affairs and Consumer Protection. But hopefully not before the owner and his company are investigated.

I have also filed complaints with the USDOT/FMCSA and the FL, NY, and IA Attorneys General Offices, as well as the FL Division of Consumer Services. I have also filed complaints with the FBI Miami FL office and ICE, Immigration and Customs
Enforcement. I have filed a police report with the Fairfield IA Police Department and written my US Congressman and US Senators. Documentation of these actions is enclosed.

And for what it was worth-less then absolutely nothing given the response they made, I also filed a complaint with AMSA - the American Moving and Storage Association. They lied right to my face too, in writing, about Green Van Lines
and StateWide Relocation's standing with them. Both these companies are in fact members of AMSA. So why is AMSA denying it? Isn't that fraud? The letter was signed by David Hauenstein, a copy of which is also enclosed.

Will Business Affairs and Consumer Protection take note? AMSA is at best allowing it's members to engage in deceptive, unfair, and unethical business practices. Why is this being done? What form of corruption might be involved here? Is AMSA an active participant in it's members illegal activities? It looks that way-otherwise why would
they consciously hide the fact that they have members who are committing criminal acts? And this is an association that consumers are supposed to trust for an honest recommendation for a reputable mover? A pro mover? More like pro mobster. Professional crook. AMSA Associated Mob Shakedown Artists that's what AMSA stands for.

Complaints against the moving business are at an all time high. My move is just one more example of an out of control business sector that plunders and pillages with impunity as a result of unjust laws governing the moving business. The
activities of movers in the Miami area are particularly notorious in this regard. The actions of StateWide Relocation in regards to my move are a case in point.

Every day, literally, another individual or family falls prey to a predatory mover. When will it end? When moving companies get the message that crimes does not pay. When they start paying through the nose for the damages they inflict on consumers and start going to prison for their crimes. Will Business Affairs and Consumer Protection help in bringing this national disgrace to an end, by investigating StateWide Relocation and my move and the questions raised above?

Thanks to Business Affairs and Consumer Protection for it's kind attention in regards to my complaint



My report continues with my correspondence with the Miami BBB. At this point in time StateWide Relocation had, according to letters documented through the BBB, offered to pay for my move. Or so it seemed. Because they then denied that they ever made such an offer. But, as cited above it is clear they said as much. Not that they would actually PAY. Necessarily. And I didn't go for the bait. This time. They then tried to claim that there had been arbitration. But there was none. I wasn't going for that phony set up. Not after what they did to me with the move. They were just trying to make me look bad by confusing the issue.

Some of the information below may seem redundant but it does take on a new meaning given the context. It's also worth noting that the BBB did, only a few months after this March 5 letter, rate them "F" March 5,2012 To the Better Business Bureau: StateWide Relocation's response is not satisfactory. To begin with, StateWide Relocation cannot, once
again, get the facts straight. There has been absolutely no arbitration with the DOT, AMSA, or anyone else for that matter. The DOT does not participate in arbitration. Doesn't StateWide Relocation know that about it's own business
procedures? Or maybe they think the Better Business Bureau doesn't know that, and that they can fool the BBB by
saying that? True, there was a claim filed with CSI, Claim Services International, Port St. Lucie FL, and I did not agree to the settlement offer. But that's not arbitration. Arbitration comes after the claims process and is an attempt to settle the dispute through the mediation of a third party. Apparently StateWide Relocation doesn't even seem to know, or want to know the difference between a claim and arbitration. Or maybe they do? They are as crooked as they are pathetic.

Be that as it may, will the Better Business Bureau please request that StateWide Relocation provide documentation to prove their assertion that an arbitration process with AMSA has in fact taken place? Or, have StateWide Relocation retract their statement as the blatant falsehood it is? Otherwise StateWide Relocation will once again have shown itself to be either wantonly incompetent, or more likely, just plainly dishonest. I have no arbitration documents and neither do they, because-none exist.

AMSA did what it did. Acted in a dishonest and unethical way. The way my move was done, by referral is a deceptive, destructive, and illegitimate moving business practice used by moving companies like StateWide Relocation and Green Van Lines to set up and trap unsuspecting consumers like me. It's called bait and switch. AMSA sanctions it.
That's the reason, it seems to me they would deny that StateWide Relocation and Green Van Lines are members of AMSA.

They know what these companies do. And they are ashamed of it. But they profit from it too. They collect dues, and maybe a kickback from these companies. So they allow it. But even AMSA doesn't want anybody to know that they have
members like StateWide Relocation. They're not listed under the pro mover tab on their website, that's for sure. And you can't even find a listing of them as a member. And as I said-AMSA denied in writing that StateWide Relocation is a member. That's fraud if they are a member. But given StateWide Relocation's record, is it any wonder AMSA would be willing to commit fraud to hide StateWide Relocation's membership in their organization from the public? If in fact they are a member of AMSA?

Still, StateWide Relocation has offered to pay for my move? I have two things to say about that. First of all, how come? Why, all of a sudden, have they offered to pay me $3897? When at first they offered me $99? That's what CSI aka Crime Syndicate Inc. And StateWide Relocation offered to pay me.$99. That's less then a penny on the dollar. And now they'll pay me $3897? Thanks. But no thanks. After all, what prompted their offer? Is it because the BBB is looking? What are they afraid of? A well deserved F from the BBB? They didn't make that offer out of the generosity of their heart that's for sure. It's just fear that's the motive here? Afraid they might have to pay up or go out of business and trying
once again to get off cheap? And afraid that somebody knows they have a lot to hide?

What kind of company takes $13,057 worth of valuation out of your pocket and then offers it's customer, it's own
customer or client as they say, $99 as a settlement? A company that has something to hide. And that's what kind of company they are. And never mind ethics, does it make good business sense to treat your customer like that? Doesn't word get around sooner or later about a company's customer service?

Never mind the idea of treating people like that. Because if I'm not even a person how can I even be a customer? So what am I? A mark? A sucker? Easy money? Not worth a penny in their eyes that's for sure. I would not be at all surprised to discover that the ownership of this company, and it's employees who did my move, were arrested and
indicted in 2003 when the FBI did a sweep of that rat's nest of moving companies in South Florida where StateWide Relocation is that FBI operation 16 companies and 74 operators were rounded up, arrested, put in jail, and indicted on charges of fraud, hijacking, extortion, conspiracy, and a host of other charges. Not mobsters? How about it StateWide Relocation?

Anybody on the payroll with a rap sheet that lists an arrest in connection with that FBI round-up? How about the
owner, has he got a record? Because it's a matter of public record, that the interstate trucking business of which the household consumer goods moving companies form a part, has long been dominated by organized crime. It's no secret. It's common knowledge that many of the activities of certain organizations and individuals associated with the trucking and moving business are criminal in nature. It's been documented in detail in the courts. The federal
prison system testifies to it as well.

Let's ask the FBI. Let's ask the FBI to begin an investigation into my move, and into StateWide Relocation, it's record, it's employees, and it's policies, including it's hiring practices. The 2 movers who did the pick up for my move were not U.S. Citizens. They told me that. I know what country they were from. They told me and I knew what language they were speaking. It wasn't English. And they didn't even like our country. They told me that too. I could identify them to the
authorities if necessary. Were they illegal aliens with criminal records? Associated with a foreign criminal organization? I would not be at all surprised if they were.

It's a common practice in the moving business to hire illegal aliens, from what I understand. Which brings us to the next question: Is the owner of this company a legal U.S. Resident or an illegal alien himself? A member of some clandestine
organization? The FBI would most likely know or could find out. And the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services might know and could most likely find out too.

The Miami office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is not far from where StateWide Relocation is located. And they probably know the folks at StateWide Relocation well. I am in the process of filing complaints with the FL State
Attorney General's Office and with the state of Florida Division of Consumer Services. I will ask them to contact the Miami office of the FBI and the USCIS to begin a complete and full investigation of all these questions.

And in truth, the owner of this company should be investigated and put in jail. Either that, or take my stuff out of your house in Florida Arik Azulay, and have it delivered to mine-where it belongs. Because it was your company Arik Azulay, that came into my Mother's apartment, where I had cared for her for almost 6 years. It was your employees who came into the very room where she had passed away, took the things she had left me and then STOLE them. How would you like it Mr. Arik Azulay of Miami FL if I had my company come down to your house and do that to you?

The second thing I have to say about StateWide Relocation's offer to pay for my move is: They shouldn't. Green Van Lines should. Let Guy Cohen dig deep in his pockets and fork it over. I know it would really hurt the most for him to have to pay even a dime, but he should pay. Everything is bigger in Addison TX isn't it Guy? So how about some big bucks? You got 'em don't you? It was, after all, your company that was responsible for this mess to begin with. And so far, it is getting off the hook scot free!

Let Barbie and Levi tell Guy Cohen that. We here at StateWide Relocation and Green Van Lines. That's what Barbie told me when I first filed my claim. As if the 2 companies were one. And Levi told me We are in the process of buying the company... I.E. StateWideRelocation. Well, is that process complete yet Levi? If so, then Green Van Lines should be glad to pay-right Levi? And Guy Cohen and Levi actually want to buy StateWide Relocation? What kind of business men would want to buy StateWide Relocation? Guy Cohen andLevi I guess. One can only imagine what kind of business they're doing. I know what they did to me, and that's why, Green Van Lines should pay for my move. And
StateWide Relocation should pay for the loss they inflicted on me.

I know, I didn't buy insurance. Well, not full valuation insurance anyway. No I didn't. I had just left my job. Didn't have much money. Still don't. It would have cost me thousands of dollars. I had a bad feeling signing the contract. That's not the moving company's problem. It's mine. But I trusted Green Van Lines. That honest eco-friendly company. With it's own fleet of trucks. So I didn't have to worry about my belongings being switched around, as it says on that criminal and fraudulent website of theirs. Then, when they went right ahead and switched my move on me, as they had planned to do all along, I trusted out of sheer necessity. I trusted StateWide Relocation to do the job right.

They did not. To say the least. I should have bought insurance. Sure. But Green Van Lines should never have played a dirty trick on me and switched my move to StateWide Relocation. These 2 companies are the ones who need insurance
here. Not me. They robbed me. And then split the loot. One does the robbery, the other is the fence. It's called criminal conspiracy. It's easy for them to do what they do because how can I or any other sucker who hires a moving
company PROVE that in court? Nearly impossible unless you catch one of the idiots red handed.instead it's a contract dispute, a civil matter under current law. These companies ALL know that so it's open season on people making household consumer goods moves.

But can StateWide Relocation and Green Van Lines PROVE that they didn't steal my belongings? Can they PROVE
that in COURT? Can we see the proof please? I didn't do anything wrong. Except trust StateWide Relocation to do a job I paid them $3897 CASH to do. And they still didn't do it right? Never intended to.

A word about the contract that written guarantee of trust. And the specious choice of venue clause therein. I signed that contract under circumstances which amount to duress. What choice did I have-really? What choice did I have? Those skunks knew I'd have to sign. All my stuff was packed up. No place to sleep except on the floor. All my plans made. Ready tobegin driving 1100 miles the next day back to IA. Ready to go. That's how it's done. Then they switch the move to another company at the very last minute without asking you or telling you? That's legit? It's not. It's deceptive, and unfair. How do I know who this StateWide Relocation is? What they do? The answer is - I don't.
They got me. Like they got so many others. That's legal? That's criminal. Or at least should be.

That's why that contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on. It sure wasn't to the company. They didn't deliver-literally. They didn't honor the contract but I'm bound by it? How does that work? No way. I shouldn't have signed it. I wish I hadn't. I wish I'd just gotten the u-haul and done my move with a couple of friends. Which is what I'll do next time. Guaranteed. But that's next time? This time they've got a choice of venue clause. So they can steal your
stuff in NY or IA but you have bring them to court in FL?

How come moving business robbers got such a sweet deal? When your average crook in NY steals your stuff in NY that's where he goes to court and that's where he goes to jail. Same in IA. But maybe the thieves in the moving racket are
special? A little more high class? They get to have their day in court where THEY want. They get to go to the jail of their choice too I'll bet. That's the mob for you.

I only took out 60 cents worth of insurance per pound per item. Big mistake. But who needs full valuation insurance when your in the hands of honest eco-friendly Green Van Lines which has it's own fleet of trucks and is ready willing and able to do the job. On time. On the day you agreed upon? Who needs to spend thousands of dollars you don't really have when you've been guaranteed by a great company that you can trust them? Or StateWide Relocation another great and trustworthy company?

According to their website StateWide Relocation is in every state in the nation. If you can believe their website. They must have plenty of insurance-right? To cover all that territory? Let StateWide Relocation pay the full claim then, or let
their insurance pay it. They're a big company aren't they? And they absolutely should pay the claim in full. Because that would guarantee that no illegal and illegitimate profit was made at my expense. If StateWide Relocation is not a bunch of gangsters let them prove it.

Let them put their money where their mouth is, and pay my claim in full or have their insurance pay my claim and the cost of the move. If they can't make greedy Green VanLines and their insurance company do it. That green company has
plenty of green to spend on insurance doesn't it Guy Cohen? You fraud. Green? You got my green. Let your green
insurance company pay for the move now. Your company had BBB accreditation but lost it and your rating went down, Ben Cohen. Is it any wonder? Why would the Better Business Bureau want to give you or your company any kind of accreditation? Given the way you do business? You racketeer. How about if my green company went and wrecked the ecology of your life in Addison TX for a year? Maybe some time in the prison environment would help?

Talk is cheap. Honesty and a good reputation, commodities these companies sorely need right now, require actions which may cost something. Like paying in full, what in good faith is owed. I regret this whole mess too. I made a big mistake by
calling Green Van Lines and believing them. I regret the day I even heard of them and StateWide Relocation. But StateWide Relocation is offended because they were referred to as mobsters?

And losing that is, stealing, all that stuff-not just some containers as they say. But TEN containers holding 160 items
including SIX paintings-stealing all those belongings from their customer-that isn't offensive? They aren't offended by that? They don't like being categorized as crooks? Well, if the shoe fits-wear it! Why do they act like crooks then? Criminals? Maybe because they still mistakenly believe that crime pays? It doesn't. Not in the long run. And it definitely should not in this case.

So as I said before, to guarantee that, StateWide Relocation should pay for my move $3897 plus $9160 for my claim. That's $13,057.$13,507 is the least they should pay because that is the least of what StateWide Relocation is responsible for. They got the job by illegitimate means and then failed in a criminal way, to do the job.

I would like to point out that this company is not paying, and in all likelihood never will pay, a CENT for the damage
they have done to my life since September 13,2010. Having to go through all these complaint processes, writing all these letters? To the USDOT, to the BBB? And all those other government agencies? Filing my claim? Who wants to do that? Not me. It's onerous and distasteful.

All the time I spent, hundreds and hundreds of hours. All the letters and emails I wrote and sent. Dozens and dozens. All the phone calls I made, hundreds and hundreds. All the work I will have to do in the future. All the emotional pain, on top of the grief of losing my Mom and then having this company pour salt in the wound by it's actions. By any standard, that should be worth something, By rights, it should be. But guess what? It isn't. Not under current law! As far as I know, at this moment.incredible. But true. Who made that law? Not any consumer advocacy group that's for sure. A concerned group of legislators? Not likely. Maybe some fair minded judge proposed it?

All wrong. Dead wrong. Like StateWide Relocation is wrong. StateWide Relocation is not in the business of hurting people? You couldn't prove that statement by me, because they hurt me badly. They continue to do so. So what business are they in then if not the business of hurting people? They are in the business of hurting people, and they certainly are not professional movers. If I learn of a way to collect punitive damges from this company I will. Given my current rather modest income $37,000 would be equitable, considering that it's been almost a year and a half since I've had the great
misfortune and distinct displeasure of knowing of their existence. That would be approximately$50,000 total settlement for this move.

But there's no real recompense for all that suffering and loss. None. And StateWide Relocation still believes they can get away with it. With good reason. The law does not allow consumers who have been ripped off by moving companies to sue for punitive damages. As far as I know. And that's unlike any other business sector.

Incredible but true! So with a settlement of $13,057 this company would be getting off cheap. At least they'll still be in business, right? Because they don't have to worry about a multi-million dollar civil court action? All these moving companies think they can't be sued for damages. So they rob and pillage with impunity because they think they can get away with it. It's a national scourge. Complaints against moving companies have hit an all time high. When will it end?

When companies like StateWide Relocation have to pay for their crimes. They should be liable for damages. The law is unjust, and is as criminal as these companies, and needs to be changed. But it is the law now. So StateWide Relocation refuses to pay up in an honest and equitable way, and continues to act like a gang of mobsters who have to be forced by the law to do what is right. However I am considering legal action under the federal RICO statutes against both Green Van Lines and StateWide Relocation. So maybe there's hope?

Apparently I'm not the only one who knows about StateWide Relocation. No accreditation and a D rating from the Better Business Bureau? Why won't the BBB give them accreditation? They had it before didn't they? And what did they do to earn that great rating? Great customer service? Not exactly. A lot of serious complaints in a short amount of time against this fly-by-night company? That's how. The same kind of complaints consumers had against moving companies in Miami in 2003.

Many of those companies went out of business, but then just opened up shop again, under a different name once the owner and certain associates got out of jail. So what was StateWide Relocation called before 2005? How many of that company's customers got taken for a ride?

My guess is that those who voice objections to bad service are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to this company. What about all the people who don't have the knowledge or wherewithal to fight back? I'll bet there are a lot more people out there besides those who complained, who have had the same kind of bad experience as the rest of us have had with this company.

But for whatever reason, haven't spoken up. I know this to be true among family, friends, and co-workers, who have had bad experiences with moving companies. They just give up. Overwhelmed by the evil. Not me.

I'm glad StateWide Relocation thinks they understand this client of theirs. I hope that's true. But do they? We'll see. Because if they do they will pay my claim in full now, offer me compensation for all the pain and suffering endured at
their hands, and avoid a long and difficult battle. Then, either go out of business completely or start conducting their business in an honest and competent way.

This is a matter of principle. I'm not going away until justice is served. I will not be intimidated by the threat of any possible violent attack or reprisal by StateWide Relocation or Green Van Lines, now or at any time in the future after this
dispute is finally settled. I am fully capable of defending myself and my home.

Should it become necessary. I will seek the immediate assistance of the appropriate authorities in dealing with these two
companies or any of their personnel should it become necessary. My phone is on the national no-call list. Any attempt to contact me by phone email or in person outside of third party mediation will be seen as an intrusion on my personal privacy and possible threat to my safety and security and will be reported to the authorities immediately.

I don't know what Guy Cohen, Arik Azulay, and company are capable of. Not much I would imagine. But who knows? They
may be more desperate then they appear. I don't know completely who they really are. Yet. But given their unsavory reputation and what their companies have done already, I'll err on the side of caution this time.

One thing's for sure though. I won't back down. I am not afraid. I have written to both my U.S. Senators, my Congressman, the USDOT, the NY, IA, and FL state attorneys general offices. I have filed a report with the Fairfield IA police department.

All these agencies and officials are aware of this case in addition to my legal counsel and all my family and friends. As stated previously I am in the process of filing complaints with the Florida State Attorney General's Office and the Florida State Division of Consumer Affairs. I will request that both these agencies contact the FBI's Miami office and begin a complete and full investigation into all the questions discussed here. I have also filed complaints with the FTC, the Federal trade Commission, the ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and on various websites. I will send copies of this
complaint to all of the above just mentioned.

I will make video and sound recordings and tell my story completely and truthfully for radio, tv, and internet distribution
to the general public if necessary. I will take my case directly to the public. How will these companies look in the court of public opinion? Who will people believe? The moving company, or me? We'll see. I will seek help in the legal field to get the law changed and contact consumer advocacy groups.

I will fight this wrong with all the legitimate means at my disposal. With whatever it takes. For as long as it takes, to get an equitable and just settlement. For the rest of my life if necessary.'m fighting this fight not because I want to. I don't want to. It's arduous and could be very dangerous. But I'm fighting this because it has to be done. And I'm fighting this for all those who can't. For all those innocent consumers who have in the past, are now, or might in the future become the prey of Green Van lines and StateWide Relocation, if they are allowed to get away with it one more time. I'm also fighting this in memory of my Mom who taught me right from the get-go to stand up for myself and for what is right and true.

In summary then: I would never have hired this company on my own. But I was set up, fell prey to a classic bait and switch a criminal conspiracy, in the midst of a personal crisis. I was given no notice and very little choice, if any, about who would do my move. I was certainly not notified in advance that this would be done. So called moving companies then, should not be allowed to broker or refer household consumer goods moves. It's a deceptive, destructive, and illegitimate moving business practice which takes advantage of consumers and at the very least, leaves just too much leeway for robbery and error. The record proves that.

See that's the thing about this company. A real company would have bent over backwards to satisy it's customer if they had made an honest mistake. Refund. Coverage of loss, etc. Like any good company does when they err. StateWide Relocation didn't do fact they did just the opposite. Because they are not a good company. They are a bad fact they aren't a real company at all. They are a fake. A front for other businesses.

But they shouldn't be allowed to continue. So I'm asking the Better Business Bureau to help begin the process of bringing trust and honesty to the moving business and to help bring it some integrity, by giving this company an F. To serve
notice on this company and the moving business that they must conduct their business in an ethical way or face the consequences. Like everybody else. Getting an F from the BBB might put StateWide Relocation out of business but that's where they should be unless they change their way of doing business radically. Only then would everyone be assured that they will start with trust when dealing with Green Van Lines and StateWide Relocation.



My report concludes with my response to the company's final settlement offer made through the FL Division of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection. See March 5,2012 correspondence above. They were still offering me $400 in good
faith after taking $13,057 worth of valuation out of my pocket and putting me through over a year and a half of pure misery. They have once again changed their address. For the FOURTH time in less then 2 years. What are they running from? They have also updated their website-changing the color from black to white. Trying to hide the truth once again. They also have themselves listed as members of AMSA and pro movers on the home page. They don't have the F rating from the BBB displayed however. Why not? They should be required to put it there. They are crooks and liars and people should know what they are dealing with. Really enhances AMSA's credidibilty too. They endorse this company? -How come? Birds of a feather flock togetherAssociated Mobsters and Shakedown Artists. That's whoAMSA
is. But this is not the end of it.

It should be noted once again that I met with deception dishonesty and illegitimate activity at every level in my experience with the moving business. Not unlike the experience of thousands and thousands of others like me every
year. My case is only one example of many. The laws governing the interstate trucking business allow for this. The FMCSA is helpless in the face of all this lawlessness. It was set up that way. So it's open season on consumers for the Moving Mob. The response below is a small beginning step in busting that Mob. This response to their offer was made April 28,2012 They tried to defend themselves by citing a C - rating from the BBB! Which rating then went to a D and then to an F. Their crimes are finally catching up with them. At least in part.

In a hand written afterthought to your response to my complaint you asked me to consider your settlement offer. I considered it. I decline your settlement offer. To offer me $99 or even $400 on a loss of $9160 and after a year
and 8 months of pure misery inflicted on me by you is not only unacceptable, it is an outrage. To laugh right in my face, to mock me, my family, my loss, my pain and suffering in such a way could only be done by criminals engaged in a criminal enterprise. Tell the owner to keep his $400 and choke on it.

You did, through the complaint process with the BBB, offer to pay for my move. Anyone who can read the English language can understand that. Now you deny your own words. What a company. Of thieves. And bald faced liars.
I never contacted you. And never would have. You never called me. I called Green Van Lines 800 number to schedule and confirm my move. No one ever informed me that StateWide Relocation would do my move. No one ever asked me if I wanted StateWide Relocation to do my move. Prove me wrong. Provide documentation. You can't. Because no documentation exists. You didn't even say you spoke to me. And you wouldn't under oath either. Because no one even mentioned StateWide Relocation and you would be committing perjury, a felony crime if you said that. Misty May told me
Green Van Lines would be there. She and the company knowingly deceived me. That's fraud. A felony crime. Or at least should be.

The DOT said you got my move through a straight referral, an illegitimate, deceptive, and unfair practice which should not be allowed. Any reasonable person would agree. The DOT didn't say anything about you contacting or even speaking to me. I gave no one permission to refer my move. I was not even notified, let alone asked. You do this to people all the time. Word gets around.

James Dubose of the DOT initially ruled that Green Van Lines was responsible as well. Until Denise Douglass of AMSA explained it to him. That's how Green Van Lines got off the a 2 page letter signed by David Hauenstein AMSA denied you were even a member. A cover up tactic. They get a kickback on every job. Some cover up. Green Van
Lines is listed right on their home page. You aren't.

But Denise Douglass later said you were a member. When I asked her why, I got a letter, stating in bold face italics,
that you were not a member she told me it was a typo. A 2 page typo? Well-crooks are stupid-right? Right.
And they think are smart. Like your owner. He's much smarter then me. He robbed me and got away with it. Then CSI in a prejudicial and vindictive letter made sure the settlement offer was as insulting and injurious as possible. Because I had the temerity to try to make Green Van Lines responsible for what they did! What a system. You got it all figured out. Mobsters. The whole rotten bunch of you. The moving business mob. Maybe the FBI didn't get you back in 2003? They will. Sooner or later. Or maybe the next time will be the second or third time around for you skunks. Oh well -that's
the cost of doing business. Right? Right.

No Barbie Scavella or Levi ever spoke to me and asked me We are StateWide Relocation would you like us to do your move? There's a reason why. Because I would have cancelled the move immediately if you had. You knew that. So you all had a big surprise for me the morning of September 2, a dirty graffiti covered rent a van. It looked bad.
The D rated StateWide Relocation. Who ever heard of them? Not me.

You just showed up the day of the move. Unannounced. Turn you away? I should have. I wish I had. I wish I had never even heard of your awful owner and his terrible company. But you set me up and knocked me down knowingly and willfully in a premeditated way. You knew very well I would have very little choice in the matter. I trusted you fully in a time of dire need, against my own feelings. You betrayed my trust completely and utterly. And now you act so
polite and courteous? You blame the one you entrapped and preyed upon. That's how the criminal mind works.

Shift the blame and lie. Crooks have to lie. To stay out of jail. Actions speak louder then words. You're insulted? Get off it. You can't be order to be insulted you have to have some dignity and integrity. You have neither. For you
to be insulted you'd have to be made to PAY what you owe. That would be an insult to you. Going to jail? You'd be proud of that. What you DID to me was a crime. CRIME isn't insulting? Shame on you.

Your owner and you are despicable. You do this to people all the time. You hurt them. That's how you do business. And that's how you got a Drating from the BBB. How else could you get that D? From a doing a good job? No, you got it because you do a BAD job. You're a disreputable and dishonest company. And you'll get a D again. You have no accreditation from the BBB and they will not give you accreditation.

Ever. They have a reputation to protect. Their motto is start with trust. The BBB doesn't trust you and never will. Neither should anyone else. I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you. And shouldn't have to begin with. But I did.
Unfortunately. Due to excruciating personal circumstances. The sooner you are out of business AND in jail-the better off everyone will be. Then you will no longer be able to do to other people what you did to me. Using a C - rating as a defense? You are shameless. Completely shameless. Why don't you use that C - rating on your website? Put it on the
home page. You're proud of it. That will get you a lot of customers - right? Right. Your owner is a total disgrace.

Slander? It's not called slander. It's called libel. Maybe you and Areek the Freak should get your GED? And then get a dictionary. Because it's not libel either. What I'm writing here is true. Prove me court. Prove it. You can't. Unless you deliver my stuff. So deliver my stuff. Prove me wrong. You won't do that. Ever. Not criminals? Where are my belongings? In the Freak's house? In the Goon's office? I don't have them. You took them and didn't give them back. That's STEALING. That 's a crime. A felony in this case. Grand larceny. I signed the contract under circumstances that amount to duress and coercion. I was the victim of fraud perpetrated by you and Green Van Lines, Addison TX. Again-that's a felony crime.

Then my belongings were stolen by your company. Green Van Lines misrepresented themselves and their services. Their website is a complete fraud. Another felony count. There was NOTHING green about my move. You wrecked the ecology of my life for over a year and 8 months now. The only green Guy the Goon cares about is the green he gets from selling people's stolen goods. He is worse then the worst.

Do not contact me with any response unless it is to notify me of the delivery date of my belongings which you were paid $3897 CASH to deliver. All 10 containers holding 160 items valued at $9160 approximately. Whole and intact. All the things my Mom left to me when she passed away. The woolen blanket she made for me with her own hands. Her original recipe books, the painting she brought back from Europe 65 years ago, and all the other things too. I want EVERY SINGLE ITEM that you took from me and never gave back.

This complaint is unresolved until that is done. And although you knew full well my situation, you never offered me one word of condolence in regards to my Mom. I will not forget that. Ever.

Although others have filed reports about this company I'm sure many more have not. I exhort any and everyone who has been RIPPED OFF by this company to file a report here and help put the owner of this company in jail. Where he belongs. And put his company out of business permanently.

Offender: StateWide Relocation

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Miami
Address: 1922 1st NE 22 Ave
Phone: 8669900229

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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