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Ural Hill Sled Dogs
Matt Preston Alaskan Malamute and Husky breeder in East Hardwick, VT is nothing more than a puppymill trying to make a quick buck by breeding and selling dogs with mental defects and covered with fleas

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Ural Hill Sled Dogs Matt and Tammy Preston in East Harwick VT, www.uralhillsleddogs. These people are misleading just your run of the mill Alaskan Malamute/Husky puppy farmers only interested in making a quick buck than the well being of their puppies or people with children who buy them. They have multiple litters at a time and are covered head to toe with fleas. Possible linebreeding or inbreeding going on. The puppy that I stupidly bought acts like it is an inbreed. Severe mental defects. Doesnt act like a happy little flea ball puppy, very vicious with its constant growling, biting, lunging to attack and nipping. After I drove 5 hours to pick up this puppy I found it to be very scared. The owners said that it was just "nervous" about being in the house. Upon getting this dog home I called to inquire more about the so called vet check because the dog didnt come with any documentation that it had a vet check and when I asked who the vet was, Tammy was very vague and unknowledgable and hung up on me. Upon calling them back I got hung up on again. I emailed them telling them of the dangerous actions the dog was exhibiting because I wanted to return the demented thing. Tammy said to me "what makes you think we want a dog like like around here"? Long story short, they expected me to travel 10 hours round trip again to return a dog that they had no intentions of refunding my money on. I told them I would meet them somewhere after they refunded my money but they of course wanted nothing to do with that. And they refused to come get the animal. I told them that I could not keep a dangerous thing like that and would have to have it put down by my vet, but they didnt care, they got there 980.60 which included paypal fees (which are illegal to put on sales of animals according to paypal). Paypal told me that they were going to start a fraud investigation because these people are adding these fees.
They also charge a state sales tax for the animal unless you are willing to pick it up in Jefferson, NH at tractor supply. I ended up calling the Hardwick Police on these people.

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Offender: Ural Hill Sled Dogs

Country: USA   State: Vermont   City: East Hardwick
Address: 4079 Route 16
Phone: 8025332449

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Codythelyon March 22, 2020 11:30 PM
I personally have purchased 3 puppies from Ural Hill sled dogs, not one has had genetic issues, fleas, or any of these behavioral issues. The way you are talking about your animal makes me question how you were treating him/her but besides that. They have very few litters yearly, not more than one per male/female so absolutely not a puppy mill. Aside from that their dogs are sled dogs, in excellent health. No hip or eye issues as is common in huskies. The fee thing on PayPal was likely just a mistake, why you think they'd try to do something dumb like that to squeeze an extra few bucks out of you when you paid them $900 is confusing, anyhow. I paid by check each time. Also, when I got all 3 dogs (separate occasions) I drove right to their place and met them there personally, and as I understand it that is what they always do so that part of your story is odd too. They keep their dogs in fine condition. the first dog I got from them they actually badly wanted to keep but couldn't afford to as they have so many, a full sled dog team and a few malamutes, they also take on rescues as pets when possible. All in all I have had excellent experiences with Ural Hill sled dogs, as have a few of my friends. We have all gotten many healthy dogs from them with a great temperament, no signs of inbreeding. (however, most purebread animals do have inbreeding somewhere down the line that is how we have maintained purebred species by majority. But there's no evidence of that with this breeder). All in all I'm a little confused why you called the cops on them in the first place, your contract clearly states they will replace your pup if they die within 2 years from a genetic defect however under no other circumstances which is completely reasonable. They can't just take every dog back that people decide they can't take care of. Why should it be their problem if suddenly the dog has behavioral issues, you did not need to go directly to having the dog put down that's for certain, you could have tried to have them adopted or brought them to a shelter. Another thing I find a little awful as far as your treatment of the dog goes. There are many people who are more than willing to rehabilitate a dog with behavioral issues and have the knowledge to do so. All in all maybe you had an isolated incident, but between me and those I know who have gotten dogs from these people that is 7 great experiences as far as the service and the animal go.

The main thing I want to make sure is said here is I have never heard of these issues before with this breeder, they are great people from my experiences with them and those I know who have gotten puppies from them. They have beautiful dogs who are kept in fine condition and I have loved every little doggo I got from them. HUSKIES ARE DIFFICULT. They are the first dogs picked up from the breeder and the first dogs brought to the shelter. DO NOT GET A HUSKY if you are not ready for lots of exercise and a crazy dog. These dogs are about as close to a domesticated wolf as it gets they are wild, difficult to train, very very active. I would not hesitate to get another husky from Ural Hill sled dogs, and I would encourage anyone else to but ONLY if you're ready for such a hyperactive and sometimes difficult breed.
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