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Complaint / Review
Save-Rite, Shari Jo Davis Purposely demoralizing, ripped off as a worke

I am a former employee of Winn-Dixie and glad of it. I have never felt abused and used until I worked for this company, but i had no choice at the time because I needed the job.

My store director has screamed at me in front of customers and made it impossible for me to advance in the industry. I started in the meat department and never did I recieve market pay.
I would ask her of this and she would only give me a smart-ass reason which never made any sense. I then moved to produce and she would not change my status.

I then tried to contact H.R. About this and they would just stonewall me to death. I noticed that new hires were making more than me. I had to train a new hire for his job and found out that he got an increase, maybe he should have trained himself!

This company is the greediest, we have faulty coolers for frozen foods and ice cream. One day the coolers went completly out and everything spoiled. The director forced resale of these items after they had been refrozen to save the store money. I wonder how many people were poisoned from this.

I also noticed that my former director gave increases to only female employees that she seemed to favor, how unfair... She would cut our hours and still demand the work be done in less time. This open door policy is non-existant at this store, you will only get yourself in trouble instead of solving a problem...

She has denied a worker from seeing her oncologist for cancer, thank god this individual fought to get her doc's appoitment. Who is this lady and what right does she have to play god, we are employees not subjects of her sadistic methods.

God forbid you get sick or have to take care of yourself, she always threatened you with your job.
I feel as if I were discriminated for being a hetro-sexual male, along with other workers who still gets the same treatment just for needing a job.

I have recorded 89.68 hours of off the clock work. This was done so I wouldn't be screamed at by her. I have never had a boss in my 20 years of work history who uses fear and intimidation for her own personal gain.

I am glad that I am not there anymore and I feel sad and sorry for those who still are. I do not wish for her to get away with her misuse of workers and many other things any longer. I am currently working on retaining an attorney so I can be somewhat compensated for 3 years I wasted for this company. Please someone do something before this gets out of hand and befor people get sick from bad products. If not then there will be employee uprisings, no one will stand up to here and defend themselves, I am the only one who did and I am not done.

I will continue to blog and slander this company until I see a difference made and something done about this devil-witch of an employer.

Offender: Winn-Divie

Country: USA   State: Mississippi   City: Hattiesburg
Address: 5050 Edgewood Court
Phone: 6012682929

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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