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Jimmie Holyfield & Bob Bowen Wycofarms Kennel
Bait and Switch of puppy we picked out and paid for! Sickly puppy sent!

Unethical breeders jimmie holyfield and bob bowen, 31201 state hwy. V. Jamesport, missouri 64648 U.S.A. "wycofarms kennels"!!

BEWARE of these breeders, besides Papillons, they also breed Yorkies, Maltese, Bulldogs, chihuahuas, CKCS, Chow Chows, Bischon frises and who knows what other poor breeds!

I pointedly asked Jimmie if she was a puppymill, she didn't say yes or no, only that they comply with the regulations "whatever that ment"? I will be doing a more thorough search to see what I can find out about these unethical breeders.

We purchased a AKC Reg Papillon female puppy from Jimmie Holyfield & Bob Bowen through Nextdaypets website.

Jimmie sent us pictures of a very nice girl, "WE" asked to have that days newspaper with my name written on it, (as recommended by Nextdaypets), be taken with what Jimmie felt was the "BEST OVERALL" female puppy she had available. JIMMIE sent us pictures of what she said was "HER PICK" of the female puppies! That is the puppy we picked and paid for! (She can be seen in the first 2 pics on the next page). (Have this in Jimmie's own emails as "PROOF" what I'm stating is the absolute TRUTH)!
We really liked this puppy so said we would take her. We paid for her on our visa going through PayPal. The puppy we picked had no white on the rim of her right ear, had 2 patches of coloring on her back/tail area, with a good length to her coat.

We were "devestated" when we picked the puppy up at the airport and saw it wasn't the puppy we had picked and paid for!

We called immediately from the parking lot of the airport extremely upset about what jimmie and bob had done to us, by shipping us the wrong puppy!

The puppy she sent us has white on the rim of her right ear (we purchased a puppy with breeding rights and know this is a color fault and shouldn't be used in a breeding program), she has a totally white body and a shorter coat. Jimmie/Bob NEVER sent us ANY pics or information on this puppy! We pointedly asked and was promised a "TRI-COLOR" but the puppy they shipped us is actually a white/red sable color!

This is "not" the puppy we picked and paid for "bait and switch"!

This puppy came to us with a viral infection, diareah with mucus/blood, does this hacking/wheezing thing which makes her throw up sometimes. Fleas and a loose petalla on the right side.

I specifically asked Jimmie if the puppy we picked had tight kness and she said yes! Have this in "Jimmie's email to me".

We are in Canada so required a vet health certificate, the one that came with the puppy was "falsified", they wrote the age to be 9 weeks old when shipped but on the AKC papers it says she was actually 13 weeks, 1 day old when shipped!

This puppy was required by law to have a rabies vaccine "before" coming into canada!

The date of when the puppy was examined was also falsified. Had to be examined no more then 72 hours before coming into Canada and I was told it was examined 5 days before!

Jimmie denies the puppy she shipped is a different puppy (have PROOF of this in Jimmies own email to us that the puppy she said was her "PICK", the one we said we would purchase, is "NOT" the puppy Jimmie & Bob shipped us)!

Jimmie wanted us to send pics of this puppy, to compare the 2, so I sent them over "20" times in different formats because she kept saying she didn't get any pics. An outright lie, thats impossible! There was "no" bounce backs! What a liar this person is!

Finally said she would take the puppy back, pay for shipping to get her back and return our $500, what we paid for the puppy we picked out BUT will not refund the shipping and extras which came to over $300 to get this puppy here!

Also with all the vet visits, medications, revaccinations because of questionable vaccination records supplied by Jimmie/Bob and their vet., we have another $203.11 in bills. JUST TO GET THIS POOR PUPPY WELL AGAIN!

Its just not right when its THEIR doing, sending us the wrong puppy (Bait and switch), a "SICKLY" puppy! We shouldn't be out one penny!

Look at "pics", to see for yourselves if the puppy Jimmie/Bob sent us is the puppy we picked?

Jimmie Holyfield, Bob Bowen and their vets' names have been flagged at Canada customs! Canada investigators tried numerous times to contact Jimmie/Bob but they would not answer the phone, nor return their messages. If Jimmie/Bob felt what they did to us was o.K., why not answer to everyone? Why hide and outright lie about what they have done to us?

Jimmie / Bob SENT US A SICKLY PUPPY WITH A VIRAL INFECTION (was on METRONIDAZOLE 50MG for 10 days), mucus/blood in diareah (was on APO-AMOXI 250 MG) FLEAS, (is on meds for this, ADVANTAGE MULTI 10), THE HACKY/WHEEZING THING WHICH MAKES HER THROW UP SOMETIMES!"I need to now have her x-rayed for these conditions because of her litter-sister now being found to have Laryngeal Paralysis, which seem to be similar symptoms to what my puppy does". I PRAY SHE DOESN'T HAVE THE SAME LIFE THREATENING/ALTERING DEFECT!

Stay far away from these unethical breeders!

I will be notifying all the sites these terrible people advertise on, letting them know the facts of what Jimmie and Bob are doing to their puppy purchasers!

Stay away from nextdaypets website!
They are not a safe reliable place to go through to purchase a puppy!

I will be doing an AKC DNA on this puppy these unethical breeders sent me, to see if the sire is her actual sire since you can't believe one word that they say or put into writing!

I have been contacted by a lady that purchased a litter mate sister to my puppy, a Dawn Weatherwalk. This poor puppy came to Dawn very sick with similar health problems! Now diagnosed with "Laryngeal Paralysis"! This is a defect that maybe life threatening to this poor puppy but will definitely be a life long struggle for her! Not to mention the heartache Dawn along with her family will have to endure for the life of this poor puppy.
We have been in touch and I hope anyother people that have purchased a sickly puppy from these breeders will come forward.
Jimmie and Bob have to be stopped! Selling sickly puppies, falsifying legal health certificates and in our case bait and switch.

Jimmie has tried to get this complaint deleted by sending this site outright lies about what she has done to us BUT I have everything in Jimmies' own emails. Jeff has responded, they will not delete it until this matter is resolved.

My husband, that was so very "UPSET & FRUSTRATED BECAUSE I WAS CRYING ALL THE TIME OVER WHAT JIMMIE/BOB DID TO US", shipping us a totally different "poor quality/sickly" puppy, unknown to me until later, sent jimmie & bob an extremely nasty email. I wish he wouldn't of but it was emailed before I could stop it. JIMMIE KEEPS BRINGING THIS EMAIL UP TO EVERYONE AS SOME KIND OF AFFIRMATION OF WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE WE ARE BUT THIS WAS SENT "DAYS" AFTER PHONE CALL AFTER PHONE CALL, EMAIL AFTER EMAIL, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO FAIR RESOLUTION FROM JIMMIE/BOB!

I actually got a "very, very" bad feeling about jimmie and bob a day or two after paying for a puppy via paypal! We sent them an email "begging" for them to give us our money back but they said "no"! They said they would be keeping "all" of the $750 U.S., we sent them (including the $250 for shipping)."this is money we just couldn't afford to throw away".. I just knew in my heart that these people should "not" be trusted. "was i right about that"! I called them and said to ship us the puppy, that i was putting my "trust" in them, that everything was going to be alright with this puppy! Jimmie assured me it would be "she is a liar"!!

This is the reason why i feel they did what they did to us by sending us the poorest quality female puppy "instead" of the "pick" female puppy that we paid for! I just knew somehow that these people couldn't be trusted and wish that gut feeling would of come over me "before" sending the money!

Dec. 02/08 I have sent away for the AKC DNA kit to see if the puppy they shipped me is indeed from the sire Jimmie & Bob state "camillo".
Dec. 15/08 I have done the DNA on our puppy and will know soon if she is really sired by Camillo..

I don't know what kind of conditions our poor puppy was raised in but it took "at least" 3 weeks to even get this puppy to wag her tail! She didn't respond to our talking to her, she would just sit there with a dull expression. We even at first thought she was "deaf" BUT NOW I'm happy to say with our love and care her personality now sparkles!

Please be advised that jimmie holyfield is telling lies, i have "not" heard from any of the places she states! Nothing has been found "invalid" by any of the places she states". She has tried to have my complaints removed, that didn't work, so she is outright lying now!
The bbb has requested we refile our complaint due to "inappropriate language", not because they found our complaint "invalid". Trying now to get this fixed as it was "not" us that sent anything with "inappropriate language" to the bbb!

If jimmie/bob would of been ethical breeders we would "not" be going through all of this heartbreak with the puppy they shipped us! If we would of received the puppy in the pictures jimmie sent us, the one we picked and paid for! A healthy puppy with tight petallas as jimmie stated the puppy was! We would "not" be having to go through any of this!
Jimmie/bob have brought this all on themselves by being unethical breeders with no care whatsoever for the people purchasing a puppy from them!

So far we have contacted Canada Customs, The Missouri department of agriculture vet division, The Better Business Bureau, Their vet; Dr. Dale Alumbaugh of Affordable veterinary care, 1900 E 8th St. Trenton, Missouri. Nextdaypets website (where we found the listing for this puppy). Will be contacting everyone possible!


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