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Brenda Preece aka Psychic Isabella Clare

This lady is a bunch of crap. She is so arrogant of saying that she is 100% accurate in her readings. Well, all readings that I got from her did not even a slightest came true. And when you tell her the truth, she gets angry with you! What a bunch of a nuthead! she can´t handle the truth! She always pretend and use the name of Jesus just to lure others to get a reading from her. She always omit the most important thing in your reading. She doesn´t tell you everything just to sound more mysterious. I wonder if she really is a psychic? Well, people it´s better to trust in your self and hunches than paying someone like this idiot with your hard earned money!

Offender: Brenda Preece aka Psychic Isabella Clare

Country: USA   State: Florida   County: Orlando   City: Florida   ZIP: 32826

Category: Scam, Fake

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April 07, 2016 07:06 PM
Hello Friends,

This is Psychic Isabella Clare,

I am not from Florida nor ever worked in Florida, however I do know there is another
a psychic online, working out of Florida with the name "Isabella Clare."
That is not me, I do not live in Florida.

This reviewer...."Lennie"... seems confused...or is this a fake review?

I do know, from years of experience, that it is impossible to read for angry or bitter
people, so maybe that is why""Isabella Clare from Florida"" could not read you?
If "Isabella Clare from Florida" was so wrong,
why did you keep hiring her? Or is this a phony review? Just curious.

Lennie~please feel free to come to me if you need an accurate reading, you can find
me thru the link I have provided.

I have never claimed to be 100 percent accurate and I doubt very much if the psychic you went to
named "Isabella Clare in Florida" claims that either. However, I have a high
accuracy rate.

No psychic is 100 percent accurate, that would be impossible. We are not Gods, we are people.
I do not throw around the name of Jesus, either, so "Lennie" is wrong again.

I have never ever become "angry" at any client I have ever read for, so that is inaccurate also.
I honor all people, and do not use anger to manipulate others, ever.
As one can see from all my five star reviews, I have many repeat clients, because
I am highly accurate.

Name calling, and making false accusations is a very negative way to live.
When one is negative, negative events and thoughts surround that person.

Being a positive person is a choice. One can choose the live in the Light.

Anyone who works with me, can see my formal name on all my receipts. It is not a secret.
Isabella Clare is the name I work under online. That is correct.

I am a highly accurate psychic and healer, and anyone can find me on Etsy, and Bonanza and see over 800 five star ratings that I have online, on 3 different sites. I have found missing people, missing planes, I am a long-distance healer, and a professional psychic. I love reading for others and I love my work. Please feel free to contact me anytime for a reading, or long distance healing.

I am here if you need me,

Blessings to everyone, Psychic Isabella Clare.

One of my webpages I can be reached at,,,,
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