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Complaint / Review
They Brainwashed me, Made me Weak, Made me Co-dependent, Took Away my Personal Power, Made me ill

I am writing my experiences on Eckankar because it is the only option I have left open for me that will expose the leadership behind Eckankar which continues to victimize so many people.
Eckankar had, basically ruined me. You don’t know such an event is coming though, for many years. As it was constructed day one, to hide lies piled over, with ongoing deception carried on in the present. All Aimed to overtake intelligence logic and finally whatever was left over; of my self worth and a higher power, within.
L Ron Hubbard was naval intelligence. You can’t leave naval intelligence. You can be called upon to help them any time as long as you live. Paul Twitchell founder of Eckankar and a confidant to Hubbard had, had, rank in the US Navy allowing access, by the same. Both were figuratively, institutionalised for a similar problem. Insanity. Brain cleaning is a traditional practice that goes out of control in the wrong hands like in the hands of Eckankar.
Scientology has been known as being, just blatant in the past. But, rarely, did parishioners not know what was required for them to move up the so-called bridge. Eckankar on the other hand diversely has had full control of membership on the inner (clandestinity). Meaning all streams in whatever form of member’s personal consciousness painted over to reflect the fulfilment of needs, of those at the top of Eckankar construction paradigms done by its leadership. Thus memberships financial behaviour, feelings, thoughts, and control of their souls. My soul was controlled by them for a very long time. But most members never find this out to their last dying breaths.
Eckankar stays in business by essentially hidden donations given to them from abroad, cleverly brought into U.S. territories. The main contributors are in vast numbers, international real estate agents, holding property through distant corporations owned by them; located outside the countries they hold their property in. Then local lawyers devvy out costs for holding the real estate properties in check, that then keeps the owners hidden. That’s partially why the former president of Eckankar, Peter Skelsky, was as a token, eliminated from his position. Things started to get found out.

Some months ago a friend who lives abroad and is in the know, having access; told me and others some shocking things that inevitably, caused me to fully cut all last remaking ties with Eckankar, because of this, and affecting my own neighbors, as free citizens.
The top country in the world for operating in cash only businesses off the radar, is Germany. Germany is the top country in the world where cash gets lost and unaccounted for in the cracks, never to be traced back to user origins.By this, Eckankar holds the largest temple of its kind, in the world, outside of United States shores there in Germany. This temple is just outside of Frankfurt Am Maim, in Germany.
Eckankar parishioners there have coincided cash earnings and freely given charity contributions through an avionics branch used by Siemens electronics; engineered, by one of their main high initiates, whom, also holds real estate as well in hilly regions near Frankfurt.
But then local high initiate Eckankar parishioner fixers, ran for cover after they were exposed and found out operating and living in suburbs near Munich, being the villages of Gauting and Stockdorf. They left to converge again as a team in Herrsching to manage then a new training facility put in operation, near there.
Two of them who ran for cover were former Hitler Yugen (hitler youth) that were active during the Second World War. These 2 elderly ladies then, became the top Eckankar spiritual administrators for Germany, for years there.
One, recently was seen with a high profile high initiate sent there from the US, with his arm strung around her, as she blurted out having been observed by American Justice Department agents; in the midst of unravelling a long thread of coverups, leading them back to Chanhassen USA. Mischief that was carried out from this woman’s house in Gauting, Germany.
A very famous professional jazz musician and also a professor of music at Juilliard School in New York was sent there by Eckankar headquarters in Chanhassen to secretly quite things down in Bavaria. Quieting problems there then lead to high initiates being told to vacate their homes, and businesses, and basically run. Reason being that the American Treasury Department, Justice Department, and FBI, had found it necessary to train their satellite converge onto the area because so many dubious unaccounted for cash fund transactions, were being engineered from there, and ferreted back by US and German Gov overhead surveillance.
One of those people told to leave was caught on images and audio via satellite. Jerry Fay a personal friend of the deceased Jeffrey Epstein whom, was told in no uncertain terms to become again, invisible. It’s pretty difficult for an international real estate broker and meth cook using multiple disguises to slip away quietly in a well surveyed area spied on from above.
Fay’s customer base has supposedly stretched from Nigeria to North Korea. Yet, Fay, one of Eckankar’s high spiritual initiates was caught on camera with badly spirit gum glued beard almost falling off, amped up on methedrine with a bright red enflamed cigarette drooping from a tense mouth puffing like a mad train, scurrying away fast to an odd looking gold colored car. His erratic speeding away was in the direction of a safe house, his bought shelf company had, bought, in Stockdorf. Just down the road from his former upstairs apartment in Gauting were it has been rumored that said traded in children, drugs and real estate deals. Using the address to collect mail and make quick getaways after business was done.

But the best part is yet to come. Germering being another suburb of Munich, is yet another stronghold for cash only moving of funds used in sending this back to Eckankar in Chanhassen Minnesota.
Fay and others of his Eckankar kind owns Subway sandwich shop franchises. One of those he used to employ undocumented illegals to work using his own IDs that on paper can appear as either a masculine or feminine personage or, several. Cash only resources ran through subway shops across Germany and out abroad.
The international real estate agent and the gypsy council of Munich including a known felon named Greg Zimmerman, married to a gypsy girl; has set up spotters across Germering where Fay and Zimmerman own another safe house, used in transporting and housing what is termed drugs human merchandise and cash only resources funnelled then back to the US. Spotters thus scoping out specific cars and license plates known to be used by local law enforcement. The Gypsies use children to harass anyone at stores or restaurants and shopping facilities considered coming too close to Zimmerman and Fay operating in Germering.
Reports were written up some weeks back in German train service policing reports and a Germering shopping center police report, were underage youth were being used to harass the store patrons, because they were getting in close to one of Fay’s dodgy cash businesses. Used to move his money. Used as an umbrella to avoid paying taxes. The IRS is beginning to focus more on the Tri National’s harmful connections. Eckankar leadership in Germany is using those with, “The Status,” to photograph those threatening its operators with effective detection.
Sachet, written about earlier in this complaint, as the former ‘hitler youth member’ during World War Two whom, had one of the highest offices in Eckankar leadership in Germany has her whole extended family involved in dubious Eckankar dabbling there. She got her young great niece to photograph those threatening Eckankar. She and her helpers photographed them on public trains and buses and also anywhere else in public. Ironically, some claim this niece is married to Fay! So you can imagine that all of these people have much to loose if they are all found out.
The great niece is a licensed forensic psychologist in Germany and has written up false reports on threatening people her family considers to be attacking, Eckankar. Her Father is an MD who freely passes on patient data to Eckankar. in the US although that is a crime in his country but he does it anyway.
Does any of this complaint give an impression of Eckankar as a true religion or what is termed, spiritual? Paul Twitchell constructed Eckankar of Neville Goddard, Julian Johnson, L. Ron Hubbard, Paramahansa Yoganada, James Mitose and Alister Crowley. Consequently look and hear what others and your own self may observe of these members practicing Eckankar as a bone fide religion. My God these people are plain kooks!
It has been years now me trying to fix myself because I had been a member of Eckankar and have spent so much time watching and ferreting out their past brain washing techniques from the depths of my core.
You only feel good in Eckankar if you get higher initiations. It’s all outwardly directed mind control. Otherwise without pats on the back and knee jerk reactions; one believes they are making no progress in life. All happiness joy and good only comes from being a highly recognised member of Eckankar. In other words approval by significant dubious HI’s; and having a good bountiful life because of being a paying yearly membership due paying patron which mainlines your progress, or not?

Frankly then no one really knows where they ultimately stand in Eckankar as a member. It’s deliberately set up that way! Nobody gets it! It’s the ultimate cosmic dog chasing its tail.
Yea, the one at the top doesn’t know either, really!
Don’t buy into any religion unless what they present is in black and white, also reflecting their consistent behaviour, as well. Erratic skittish policies that take away one’s personal sovereignty reveals just blatant puppeteers.
Paul Twitchell came from the greatest generation America has ever had so his peers were not that stupid, when he hatched his religion on them. The current generation though seeks being controlled, and Eckankar is the perfect solution.


Offender: Eckankar

Country: USA   State: Minnesota   City: Chanhassen   ZIP: 55317
Address: 7450 Powers Blvd
Phone: 9523802200

Category: Religion, Society, Culture


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