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Complaint / Review
Pasadena Recovery center
P.R.C. Pasadena Recovery Center Is A Dangerous Scam—No "Recovery" from Addiction. Beware Of This Place!

Do Not Go to Pasadena "Recovery" Center for ANY reason. This place, its owners (Allison Tristle Bloom, the hyped-up media whore attorney and other Bloom family members) and the ex-addict staff are phonies, frauds, and fakes. Worst of all, they are judgemental hypocrites. You or your loved one will leave this horrible place worst off than when you came in and yes, YOU WILL SUFFER A RELAPSE OF ADDICTION.

The owners ONLY WANT TO MAKE MONEY. There have been more reported cases of abuse at Pasadena Recovery Center, Pasadena, California, than at some of the worst nursing homes. This is not a nursing home. But considering that people have come here for recovery, from addiction, they are considered incapacitated and need competent help. This place and its motley crew of staff take advantage of people, steal their money, and grant no "recovery."

Pasadena Recovery Center is INDEED a violent and dangerous place for you or your loved one to seek recovery. I was sent (yes, sent) here in 2006 through by the courts. Yes, i was sentenced here by a court judge, which is the case with most people here. The only reason most people come here is because they are literally forced to&and that is how this place makes all its money&it is funded by state aid.

i was here, not because i was ever an addict. Listen, seriously, I had never had a drug or alcohol addiction. However, I was arrested for other reasons, so the judge sent me here in lui of jail. BEWARE THAT JUDGE ELDEN FOX, OF BEVERLY HILLS COURT, HAS HAD A LONG-STANDING AGREEMENT WITH THE OWNERS OF PASADENA RECOVERY CENTER&EVERY PERSON HE SENTENCES TO THIS PLACE, THE OWNERS PAY HIM A HEALTHY (secret) FEE.

There have been many other their cases, their relatives and other family pay the owners just to house them there, because they have serious mental problems (but NO addiction). And the owners secretly do this for the MONEY. Thus, this is also a violent and dangerous place.

During my stay, I had been abused, physically, by the NON-addict residents and I had witnessed, up close, many other fights break out between the addicts and the permanent residents, because they have been wrongfully housed here.
Also beware that several men and women addicts have left this place and have then relapsed and then committed suicide and/or died in other ways.

So I was here some years ago. I was abused by the then-head "counselor" Shirley Bennet and the owners, in horrific ways.-They constantly blackmailed me to do things that I felt were very wrong and even illegal. When I refused, they repeatedly blackmailed and threatened me that they'd call the judge, give him a bogus report and have me sent back to jail. And yes, they did do all those things. THEY ACTUALLY HAD ME SENT TO JAIL FOR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS!
Hen they'd have me brought back and humiliated by the other parolee-residents with the same ghetto mentality as them. I was constantly miserable and living in fear.

And no, there is no emphasis on "recovery" here. This place is far too money-hungry and fraudulent and abusive, to most residents, to care about recovery. Annually, they have some phony party called "A TEA PARTY TO HONOR THE FEMALE RESIDENTS." Please DO NOT BE FOOLED.

This is not at all to honor the female residents. This annual "Party" is a shameless promotion scam, designed to attract more money into this dump. They invite prominent judges and other high-profile members of the community, WHILE FORCING THE FEMALE RESIDENTS TO TAKE CENTER STAGE AND PERFORM SKITS, POEMS, AND SING FOR THEIR ENTERTAINMENT LIKE TRAINED MONKEYS, in order to advertise and promote themselves and make mo money, mo money.

Imagine, you're an addict, trying to concentrate on overcomming your addiction, but they're forcing you to rehearse, for 6 weeks, every single day, to perform for a bunch of fat-cat judges and other politicians, in order to promote this place and give them free advertisement. There isn't enough room here for me to write of all the other ways that they had abused and traumatized me and countless other residents here.

Just know that even the few voluntary people, who mistakenly, came here for recovery, left almost screaming. And they all left running, way before their allotted and pre-paid time was over.

Offender: Pasadena Recovery center

Country: USA   State: California   City: Pasadena
Address: 1811 Raymond Avenue

Category: Politics & Government


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