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Offerforge (South Africa, USA, UK, Canada) NO Payments - Endless Excuses - Bad Service

I have been with Offerforge Affiliate Network for just over one year now and since day one of joining up, they have provided nothing more than a questionable service. Here is some of the things i have experienced with in the time that i have been with them:

1. Payments

Serious issue! This said, i believe there are more people facing the same problem with this company. However, in my case - these guys have a big problem in paying me (as a publisher), what is due to me. Since day one of joining their program - i have had to run after them for my money! Believe me, they have enough excuses, some of the most popular in which they blame the accountant... And, they will keep you waiting for your money, for as long as they can!

This issue was brought to the attention to both Mr. Jonathan Miller as well as Mr. Jonathan Meanwell (Offerforge)

The Final (Reason for Reporting): This month (August), a small was due to me! Having said this, was suppose to be paid to me by the 15th (as agreed upon and stated by them). Having this correct, i think their very own TOS states this as well...

Anyway, the 15th has come and gone (no payment)! Since then, i had already sent several emails (direct as well as online support) - all of which was unanswered (which by the way, is nothing new as they simply don't bother answering you until 3 weeks later if you're lucky)!

Moving on: since my mails were all ignored i decided to give them a call... My initial call took place around August 20 in which i spoke to a guy named Ryan... I was told that there was a meeting and if i remember correctly, the accountant was mentioned (being part of the meeting) haha. Ryan assured me that he would bring it to the attention of the superior once again. When ending the call, i asked that he please do exactly that and also ask them to read and respond to their emails.

This morning (August 24) i had made my second call...

Once again i opened up and stated how i feel regarding the level of service, lack of communication, no payments and so on, and so on... I was clearly ignored!!!

Roughly 15 minutes later (once ended the call), i received an email, and this is what i said:

"Our customer support team has replied to your ticket # 7487 - This confirms that your account ZA13093 has been deactivated and no further commissions will be credited to your account.

Please note that any commissions earned up to the date of deactivation will continue to accrue as per normal and will be paid on the scheduled payment dates (what a joke... Hahahaha)

Please ensure that all advertising is removed from your site"

However, i have made it clear (several times), that i will be closing my account should this level of service continue... Now, their incompetency and guilt has clearly made them close my account without any real reason so to speak... What a fail!

Moreover, see how i am still eligible for any revenue earned up to the date of deactivation... Yep! However, i have no access to these statistics (once again, questionable)! Scam service, perhaps?

Plain and simple: They don't pay! When and if they do, its weeks later! Furthermore, they have absolutely no communication skills, no regard to their publishers, and no structure in response and support. Excuses, excuses!

These guys should not be allowed to operate! They are incompetent, unreliable, and untrustworthy! Further actions will be taking should my dispute not be attended to and resolved. There is no way i would recommend this service to anyone looking to join an affiliate network, Seriously! Updates will be posted here along with the email correspondence i have had with over the past few months.

Offender: Offerforge

Country: USA
Phone: 0861036743

Category: Miscellaneous


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