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Opera fashion group sueli costa
Consumer Report

Sueli costa & opera fashion group inc have court judgment against them for bad manufacturingsee all the legal court documents against sueli costa and opera fashion group inc here:


Sueli costa was paid $32,500 Dollars in 2009 to produce a line (she lied when she said she had plenty of experience producing for "many famous lines") when she had never done that before. the result was that she didnt send the order as agreed and when agreed to the customer. the order arrived in wrong color, wrong hardware, wrong cut, brandless, dirty and unfinished. then she refused to remedy the problems and simply stopped all contact.

She was sued in Civil Court in New York and SHE AND HER COMPANY BOTH LOST. she was ordered to pay $25,000 plus interest to her customer. she simply closed her known bank accounts, moved and is still out there doing business under many different entities. Beware of this individual. she tries to say online that "she is the victim" LOL but in the link above for the photo albums, i show all the court documents against her. dont believe her lies, believe the COURT DOCUMENTS:

SUELI COSTA and HER COMPANY OPERA FASHION GROUP INC ( BOTH have a NYS Court Judgment Against for having taken $32,500 dollars to furnish an order which SHE did not ship when/as agreed and in some cases not at all. BEWARE OF THE MANY NAMES/INCORPORATIONS SUELI COSTA USES: OPERA FASHION GROUP INCOPERA FASHION GROUP LLCOPERA BY SUELI COSTA LLCOPERA SWIMWEARBOSSA BEACH (BRAND) GABIKINI (BRAND) In 2010 Sueli Costa and Opera Fashion Group INC were both found liable in NYS civil court and ordered to pay $25,000 plus interest for not delivering an order of $32,500 as agreed upon.

Sueli Costa and Opera Fashion Group inc both have an outstanding judgment against them from a NYS Civil Court, which they refuse to pay. They simply hide behind a website (which has no name, no address, no representative and no phone number).

This company continues to do business at this website:

As the court judgment is now a matter of public record and available to all who wishes to see it, i feel compelled to let my friends about my customer/consumer experience with this company and the subsequent Civil Court trial and court judgment (which was in my favor) from NYS Civil Court. Posting this information online is perfectly legal.

If you want to read the public records of the trial in which Sueli Costa and Opera Fashion Group inc were found responsible, please read below to see the ACTUAL WORDS OF THE JUDGE. OR Go to the NYS civil court website which has an online records database and look at INDEX# 35989 CVN 2009 (case agains sueli costa and opera fashion group inc) and what i mean by this is that this information is accessible to ANYONE and you dont have to take my word for it, you can find the proof from the court online yourself.

The judges judgment essentially reads:

Civil court of the city of new york
county of new york: park 65

Sueli costa and opera fashion group inc

Index no 35989 cvn 2009
decision and judgment

Plaintiff claims is for $25,000 with interest from July 15 for failure to provide proper services, failure to return money, and for alleged breach of contract. Plaintiff entered into an oral contract with defendant in October which she agreed to design and produce swimwear. A deposit of $2,00 in cash was paid to the defendant and $ 32,500 for payment of services. Plaintiff claims the first shipment of merchandise received was dirty, brandless and unfinished. She immediately mailed the shipment back to the defendant. A second shipment was received, the the problems persisted.

Defendant claims that errors did occur in the first shipment, but she agreed to take them back and made the necessary changes. She claims that plaintiffs failure to select a name for the merchandise and demanding constant changes resulted in delays to the second shipment. Defendant claims the fist shipment was corrected and remailed to the plaintiff.

To establish a claim for breach of contract under New York Law, a plaintiff must prove the folowing in order to claim damages:
1. A valid and enforceable contract;
2. Performance of the contrary by one party;
3. Breach by the other party, and
4. Damages
(Furia v Furia, 116 A.D. 2d 694,695 (App. Div. 2d 1986)

The oral testimony and exhibits submitted to this court establish that in October, plaintiff and defendant entered into an oral contract. The contract terms were for design and manufacturing of swimwear. Plaintiff paid a $2,000.00 deposit and $32,500.00 for services rendered. The first order received b the plaintiff from the defendant was dirty, unfinished, and brandless. She immediately returned the order and defendant admits errors in the first shipment. Defendant failed to demonstrate that she sent conforming goods consistent with the terms of the contract in the second order. She also sent an email on July 24, to the plaintiff stating "I WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT ANY RETURN OR CANCELLATION" of merchandise (See Plaintiff Exhiibit 4), therefore, defendant breached the contract.

Plaintiff's testimony and exhibits proved damages. She was sent non-conforming goods, which did not meet the terms of the contract. An email was sent by defendant to plaintiff stating no longer would accept any returns or cure the defects in the goods, therefore, it is the decision and judgment of this court that plaintiff has proven damages and is entitled to $25,000 with intetest from July 15.

Accordingly, for the above stated reasons the plaintiff is awarded damages in the amount of $25,000.00 with interest from July 15.

This constitutes the decision and judgment of this court.

Dated June 28

Manuel J Mendez
Judge Civil Court

NOTE: AS OF MARCH 28.2011 Opera Fashion Group has started a blog trying to discredit the Plaintiff that won that case against them in Civil Court.

In their blog, they claim among other "fantastic" things that: the Plaintiff is known for suing others for profit (fact is Plaintiff has never sued anyone besides Opera Fashion Group and Sueli Costa and this is easy to verify with the NYS court system records office)

They claim they are "appealing the courts decision and that there is ongoing litigation" THIS IS NOT THE CASE, THERE IS NO APPEAL ONGOING, in fact, the court denied their attept to appeal due to "lack of perfecting"... Meaning they would start the process, yet would not put the judgment amount in an escrow account to start the lawsuit (standard procedure with the court). they wouldnt put the money in an account controlled by the court because they knew they had no chance to win the appeal.

WELL READ HERE HER MANY LIES: This email was sent to my lawyer by sueli costa, in it she finally admits that she LIED from the start when she assured me she had produced lines for MANY FAMOUS BRANDS... She admitted to the lawyer that essentially she didnt know what she was doing, yet had her staff instructed to lie to me from the start, (she later told us that she would be doing no more "private label" but i have come across some new information (that i will post once i verify it, that she is still doing the same thing to other unsuspecting people):

Beware that sueli costa is now doing business under these names:

Opera swimwear
opera by sueli costa llc
opera fashion group inc
opera fashion group llc
gabikini (along with her "business partner" gabriela pires)
bossa beach (along with her "business partner" gabriela pires)

Email from costa trying to "explain" why the order was so badly manufactured:

Get a load of this: she claims her employees were working a sabotage because they were unhappy making the order! Hahaha

From: Sueli Costa
To: [email protected]
Sent: Wed, Jul 1 1:48 pm
Subject: Re: BETThER Ltd / Opera Fashion Group, Inc.

Dear Mr. Scihili,

I have added some=2 0more items that I had forgotten to include on the first counting, since I finished the work late night (11 pm) and miscounted them due to exhaustion. I spent one more day reviewing over 300 sets (tops and bottoms), one by one to match sizes, styles and prints.
I have also included additional bottoms to give Ms Bolier more options and to help her to sell as items as separates. I can add more items if she agrees.

On our phone conversation you seemed surprised about the fact of this has been my first private labeling experience. It's true that it was the first time working for someone else, but not my first business experience.

For the past three decades working as a fashion designer and manufacturer, I have been asked to work for other designers several times, and had always declined the offer because, we have our own brands and they are known by our innovative designs (we design all of our 3 collections) and the high standards of our finishing. As you know, I am in New York and my employees and contractors are in Brazil and for this reason I cannot supervise their work on daily basis.

This situation made me send my daughter and business partner to Brazil (for the second time this year) just to supervise the pieces that required replacement, and to do an investigation.

The conclusion was that the sample makers got tired of doing and redoing the Bettther samples over and over for mon ths, that they couldn't take it anymore, and started doing bad job in purpose.

Because of this, some of the best seamstresses we have have been fired, and the remaining ones did some kind of sabotage as a "revenge" because their coworkers got fired.

This order has cost me more than I expected, and not only in terms of money but also our my piece of mind, loss of good professionals, and a lot more.

I look forward to resolving this matter as soon as possible in order for us to move on with our work and to take care of numerous pending things that are on hold in order or us to give my full attention to this order.

I will be awaiting for shipping instructions.

Thank you and kind regards,

Sueli Costa
Fashion designer
Opera Swimwear
Opera by Sueli Costa
347-475-6850 direct

Here is an email for when i first contacted sueli costa and opera fashion group inc about doing private labeling for me. Sueli costa confirmed to me many times in person and over the phone that she had done "private label for many years for many important brands"

She lied from day one!

Opera Swimwear
Tue, Sep 30 at 9:16 PM
To: N
Cc: [email protected]
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Hi Nilsa,

Yes we do. We have a factory in Brazil. Our monthly capacity production of 30 thousand sets.

We also develop collection for companies, from sketches to the final product.

Let us us know how we can assist you. Is your company based in the US or Europe?

Kindest regards,

Cecile Legolf
Sales Dept

Message from n —
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 01:14: 19 0100
From: N
Subject: information about your line
To: [email protected]
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I just wanted to know if you do "private lines" for other companies?




For future orders, I suggest you to find another manufactuer, since we will no longer be doing private labeling.


Sueli Costa

Sueli costa claimed that she wouldnt be doing anymore "private lines" after my fiasco, well, i received this email from one of her prospective customers (that wanted to start a private line) and saw my reviews online and was glad she didnt do her line with her.

FromKayleigh Ann
Date31 May 11 at 17:50

I just luckily came across your profile was looking at fashion threads, and clicked to your profile to see how your swimwear came on,
I seen you used operaswimwear and it went bad, thank you so much for writing this and telling everyone, as i am also setting up a bikini label and have been speaking to them the past month, nearly used them.

Hope everything got sorted? I am so happy i found this,
Can you recommend a good manufacturer?

Kind Regards


Sueli costa is still doing private lines, so beware!

Offender: Opera fashion group sueli costa

Country: USA
Phone: 2122021627, 3474756850

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