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Complaint / Review
Apple Rush
Apple Rush Co., Inc., D-Bar Manufacturing Inc., Robert Corr, Sharon Corr, Under Investigation for SEC Fraud and is being sued by many corporations

As it happens the corporation may possibly not be as legit as all there advertising suggests. They're not licesnsed in Illinois to actually market there item. They've several law-suits against them. It's thought based on this inventory website they've dedicated several SEC scams and also have price there investors thousands in phony share. Robert Corr, boss and Sharon Corr would be the masterminds behind this lengthy heading fraud on the website inventory holders

Http://investorshub. Aspx? Board_id=10821

Apple Hurry Organization, a maker of natural sparkling liquid drinks in america, has rolled-out its Strawberry, Black-Cherry and Pomegranate glowing natural 100% drinks at Wholefoods Areas South Cycle Shop situated in Illinois.

1) 16 February: The U.S. Bankruptcy Court Of Northern Illinois Area Ignored (I.E., Declined) Section 11 Bankruptcy Protection For Apple Hurry Organization, Inc. (Ar). Termination Implies That Ars Obligations AreN't Released Which No Safety Of The Company From Lenders Or Granted-Litigants Can Be Obtained In The Judge.

Moreover, Extra Lawsuits Could Be Filed From The Company. You Will Find Currently Ten Lawsuits Stuck Against Apple Hurry Organization, Inc. Seeking Damages Of $1.5 Trillion (Incl. $644,000 Currently Granted To Litigants In Three Of The Ten Instances). Total Debts Mounted On The Company Are Roughly $4.5 Thousand.

1A) Lenders And Litigants May Go To Gather Their Obligations And Courtroom-Granted Judgments By Legitimately Seizing All Or Any Belongings Of The Insolvent Company Or Making It Into Section 7 Liquidation. Hence, Apple Hurry Organization Investors ShouldN't Be Prepared To Obtain Any Payment.

2) On 11 February Hurry Organization, Inc., The Dog Owner And Licensor Of The Brand / Manufacturer Apple Hurry Was Mixed By State-Of Illinois. Apple Hurry Co., Inc., A Marketing Company That Possesses No Manufacturers Or Images, Hence DoesN't Have Permit To Market Its Single Offering, Apple Hurry Items.
Http://www.Ilsos. Gov/Corporatellc/

3) The Apru Otc Layer Is Encumbered By About $2 Trillion In Exceptional Debt And Accrued Curiosity About Standard And By Ten Lawsuits Seeking $1.5 Trillion In Problems [$644,000 In Judgments Granted To Plaintiffs So Far]. The Companies Debts In-Toto Are Roughly $4.5 Thousand.

On December 7Th N-Club Manufacturing Inc. Started Initially To Industry Openly As Apple Hurry Organization Co. (A Texas Company).

Ar Is Insolvent. The Companies Total Obligations Are In Least 10 Occasions Its Complete Assets Per Newest Reported Financial Record (Q3).in Inclusion, There Are Many Lawsuits Stuck From The Company Seeking Problems.

On September 10 The Organization Status Of Apple Rush (Ar), An Insolvent Company, Was Suspended By State-Of Illinois, House To Company Business Headquarters. Apple Rush Co. CaN't Officially Work Regular Business In Illinois Like A Company.

In November The Companys Investor Relations (Ir) Company And Part-Owner, The Big Apple Consulting Us, Was Billed From The Sec With Scam, Promoting Unregistered Investments, Producing False Promises And Material Omissions In Press Announcements, And Behaving Being An Unpublished Broker Dealer Regarding The Another Otc Company.

The Principle Lawyer Of Apple Rush Co. Offered 6 Months In Federal Prison For Fraud And Dropped Their Permit To Rehearse Law For Four Decades.

Apple Rush Co. And/Or Its Sections Is Just A Offender In Several Lawsuits: 1) Garden Drinks Vs. Apple Rush Co. Et-Al. Ad Damnum $512,290; 2) Micropipe Account I Llc Vs. Apple Rush Co. Et-Al. View For Plaintiff $294,271 May 30; 3) Ashman Law Offices Vs. Apple Rush Co. Et-Al. Ad Damnum $10,995.19; 4) Robert Half International Vs. Apple Rush Co. Et-Al. Ad Damnum: $20,334.58. See Also Next Three Records.

September 07: Dr Pepper Snapple Team, Cadbury Schweppes Bottlers Vs. Corr Robert J, Backyard Releasing Inc (Section Of Apple Hurry Organization) Filing Date: September 07; Contract Challenge. Ad Damnum: $92,272. View For Plaintiff $91,273 December 16.

September 10: Cintron Drink Group Llc Vs. Robert Corr, Apple Hurry Organization, Hurry Organization Inc (Previously Hurry Drink Organization) Ad Damnum: $210,000; Filing Date: September 09; Breach Of Deal.

Chicago International Trucks, Idealease Chicago Vs. Backyard Distributing Inc (Section Of Apple Hurry Co.) Ad Damnum: $226K; Agreement Challenge; Filing Date: October 22; View For Plaintiff $277,066.00 May 30.
From Q3 2010 (July 1 - September 30) Financial Record (Latest Available):

3. Going-Concern
As Shown Within The Associated Financial Statements, The Organization Has Sustained Collective Deficits
Of $6,064, 427 Since Beginning. These Problems Increase Considerable Question Regarding The Companys
Capability To Proceed Like A Heading Purchase To Meet Up Its Forthcoming Continuing Responsibilities,
Contain Any Changes That Could Be Required If The Organization Struggle To Proceed
Like A Going Problem.

vast sums of fresh stocks qualify to enter the general public move pursuant to at least one) $1.21 thousand of debt convertible into free trading stocks @ 50% discount to promote cost and 2) continuing Organization dilution and limited share tale elimination.

On 18 November the SEC billed The Big Apple Consulting US (investor relations company for Apple Hurry Co. And 8PERCENT beneficial owner of APRU) and Large Oranges totally-owned subsidiary MJMM Investments, LLC along side four of its professionals (President Marc Jablon, vicepresident Matthew Maguire, MJMM leader Mark Kaley, and Keith Jablon, vicepresident of another The Big Apple part) with Scam, Promoting Unregistered Securities, Producing Public Misrepresentations and Substance Omissions, and Performing being an Unpublished Broker Dealer. This regarding the another red linen company. Www.sec. Gov/lawsuit/litreleases/lr21305.htm

16 February U.S. Bankruptcy Judge for Northern Illinois Area (Chicago) denies bankruptcy protection for Apple Rush dismissing the situation. Lenders and granted-litigants are now actually eligible for grab every belongings of Apple Hurry Co., Inc.

28 Jan Apple Hurry Co., Inc. Documents for bankruptcy. Ticker symbol changes to APRUQ to replicate position.

Apple Rush Co. Is offender in these eight lawsuits seeking problems around .5 million:

1) Backyard Drinks vs. Apple Rush Co. et-al. (ad damnum $512,290), agreement question;

2) MicroPipe Account I LLC vs. Apple Rush Co. et-al. (ad damnum $294,271), agreement question;

3) Ashman Law Offices vs. Apple Rush Co. et-al. (ad damnum $10,995.19), agreement question;

4) Robert Half Global vs. Apple Rush Co. et-al. (ad damnum $20,334.58), agreement dispute;

5) Dr Pepper Snapple Team and Cadbury Schweppes Bottling Group vs. Corr Robert J and Backyard Releasing Inc (a department of Apple Hurry Co.) (ad damnum $92,272), agreement dispute, processing date October 07; VIEW FOR PLAINTIFF $91,273 December 16.

6) Cintron Drink Group LLC vs. Corr John and Apple Hurry Co. And Hurry Co. (fka Rush Drink Co.) (ad damnum: 0,000), break of agreement, processing date November 09;

7) Chicago Intl Vans and IDEALEASE Detroit vs. Backyard Releasing Inc (a department of Apple Hurry Co.) contract question; processing date Oct 22; VIEW FOR PLAINTIFF $277,066.00 May 30.

Lawsuits and Courtroom steps:
https://w3. Courtlink. NCase=&SearchType=2&Database=2&case_no=&Year=&div=&caseno=&PLtype=2&sname=garden distributing&CDate=
https://w3. Courtlink. NCase=&SearchType=2&Database=1&case_no=&Year=&div=&caseno=&PLtype=2&sname=Apple Rush&CDate=
https://w3. Courtlink. NCase=&SearchType=2&Database=2&case_no=&Year=&div=&caseno=&PLtype=2&sname=Apple Rush&CDate=

06/30 Apple Rush Articles Q2 Outcomes; Q2 revenue ($19,583) fall 93% Y O Y; 6-mos reduction $1,189, 727; Collective reduction $5,912, 860; $1.4Million of debt in standard.

05/04 USPTO formally registers brand Apple Hurry for model operator personal Hurry Drink Organization

05/15: Comptroller of Their State of Florida expresses Apple Rush (included under Florida legislation) NOT IN GOOD POSITION

04/01: Secretary of State-Of Illinois expresses Apple Rush (headquarters Illinois) NOT IN GOOD POSITION

06/15 Apple Rush Articles Q1 2010 outcomes; Sales fall 91% Y O Y; Net loss $687,000 (Q1); Collective reduction ,410, 00.

3/30 Apple Rush Posts Q4 2009 Outcomes; Sales Fall 97% Q O Q; Q4 Net Reduction $500,000 (Q4); Online Reduction ,734, 757

12/28 Apple Rush Articles Third Quarter Results; Sales Fall 92% from Third-Quarter 2008

08/12 Apple Rush Efforts $1Million Private Location (RegD); Whole of $65,000 Lifted Per SEC Doc

11/18 SEC Costs Apple Rush Co. S Part Owner&Investor Relations Company The Big Apple Consulting with scam, marketing unregistered investments, producing public misrepresentations and substance omissions, and performing being an unregistered broker dealer according to CyberKey

ORGANIZATION PRESS ANNOUNCEMENTS (Advisory: Since September 08 Organization press announcements have emanated from The Big Apple Consulting and Apple Rush Meanwhile. The SEC has billed The Big Apple Consulting with scam and giving fake and deceptive press announcements in the event of another pinkie company CyberKey (CKYS). News release statements are archived below for persusal by specialists and appropriate specialists.

08/26 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Indicators Bottling Agreement With Among The Biggest National-Possessed Breweries
07/21 Apple Hurry (?) Gets $100,000 In Money To Expose Newly-Designed Natural Drink Point
07/13 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. S Product-Line Helps Nutrient Consumption in Kids Based On Fresh Study
06/22 Apple Hurry Co., Inc.introduces a Brand New Taste, Fresh Emblem and Fresh Presentation to Its Natural Liquid Product-Line
05/05 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. To Focus On Multi-Billion Vegetarian Grocery Store
04/08 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. Acquires Present Info Standing on Red Sheets Trade
04/01 Chance Tones Business Indicators a Nationwide Distribution Contract with Apple Hurry Co., Inc.
03/24 Apple Hurry Co., 100% Juice Item Brand Obtainable In Main Metro Ny Food Store
03/18 Apple Rush Visits Family Farmed EXPO in Detroit, Illinois
03/18 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. Goals the $70.2 Million Organic Grocery Store
03/08 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. Targets $4 Million Dollar Activities Drink Marketplace; The Organization Improves e-waters (R) Usefulness in 2010 Revenue
02/10 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. S Organic Liquid Product Range Provides A Normally Healthy Option for Children
01/13 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. Expands Its Westcoast Submission
01/08 Apple Rush Inc. Provides a Brand New Turn To Colleges Nationwide
12/28 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. Has Maintained the Providers of Skilled Ny Marketing Company
12/18 Apple Rush Co., Inc. Appoints Blue Jewel Business as its Southern California Supplier.
12/17 Blue Jewel Business To Deliver Apple Hurry Organic Drinks
12/17 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. Completes First Generation Work of Natural 100% Liquid Sparkling Drinks in Containers
12/08 Apple Hurry Co., Inc.increases Puerto Rico and Caribbean Submission
12/02 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. Expands Distribution
11/24 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. Begins Test Advertising at Two Detroit freshii (TM) Places
11/17 Apple Hurry Maui, LLC Supplies Update on Main Sales Work.
11/11 Apple Rush Co. Improves e-waters (R) Usefulness, Develops 2010 Submission
11/03 Apple Rush Co. Resources Domestic Natural Erythritol Provider Because Of Its Fresh Lighting Drinks
10/29 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. To Expose New Apple Hurry Glowing Organic Light Drinks
10/27 Apple Hurry Engages Sturdy Bottling Company to Supply Items for Southeastern and Southwestern US
10/20 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. S USDA Certified Organic Apple Hurry (TM) Drink Outlines Main Ingredient Today Acquired Locally
10/14 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. Announces Positive Test Marketplace Results From Varied Census
10/08 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. To Start Manufacturing in Metal Containers in 10 Times
10/01 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. To Increase Production-Line within the Midwest
09/28 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. S Natural 100% Liquid Sparkling Drinks Available These Days to Greater New York Urban Centers 18.8 Trillion Population
09/22 Apple Hurry Raises Area Revenue, Provides Woodmans Grocery Stores & Makes Drop Show Applications for WiseWay and PayLow Food Stores
9/17 Apple Rush Appoints Two Midwest Suppliers
09/10 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. Permits New Westcoast Supplier for Florida and Hawaii
09/08 Apple Hurry Co., Inc. Announces First Manufacturing in Metal Containers for Overdue October

Be recommended that established Organization press releases above this point are recommended in the Companys IR, The Big Apple Consulting US, that has been billed from the SEC with scam, producing untrue claims and substance omissions in press announcements, and marketing unregistered investments according to some other red linen cited company.

04/20 Apple Rush Co., Inc Continues Energy in Israel
03/12 RushNets e-water To Become Promoted by Apple Hurry Organization
10/02 Apple Rushs Backyard Releasing, Inc. Hired by ZizZazZ for Chicago Region Submission
10/01 Backyard Releasing, Inc. Develops New Advantage Department to Increase Submission
09/29 Apple Hurry Announces Second Quarter 2008 Financials; Profits Dual From First-Quarter
09/12 Natural Apple Hurry Gets To Upscale Dallas Shops
09/03 Apple Rushs Backyard Releasing Grows Cintron Drinks Submission, Purchases 20 Truckloads
07/22 Apple Hurry boss Robert Corr Claims Backyard Drink On The Right Track for $7.5 MM Yearly Revenue

06/12 Yard Drink, Apple Hurry Submission Supply, Hosts First Store Understanding Function
05/30 Apple Hurry Provides Nationally Common Extenze Improvement Item
05/29 Apple Hurry and PepsiCo Challenge Receives Higher-Profile
05/15 Apple Hurry Copied by PepsiCo
05/08 Corridor of Popularity Drinks, Inc. Announces Submission to Start in Detroit, Illinois
04/29 Corridor of Popularity Drinks Obtains Submission within the Larger Chicago Region
02/08 RushNet Gives Update on Talented Stocks of Apple Hurry
02/07 Apple Hurry & E-Water Observe Westcoast and Oriental Increases
01/16 RushNet Says Dividend of Apple Hurry Stocks
01/08 Apple Hurry Develops With Five Fresh Supplier Visits
12/07 Apple Hurry Organization Starts Public Trading, Articles Q2 & Q3 2007 Financials

Offender: Apple Rush

Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Dolton
Address: P.O. Box 9

Category: Miscellaneous


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