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Complaint / Review
Yue Yan
Denise Yan Yue Denise Yan: Beware of this landlord

The news media has taken an interest in the story about Yue Yan, who calls herself Denise Yan.
Renters in Fort Lauderdale Beware! If you rent a house from Yue "Denise" Yan, it may prove hazardous to your health. That was the case for an internationally known author and investigative reporter who moved into the residence with her father back in September.

Yan shut off the electric to a house she owns while she had tenants-which is a violation of Florida state and federal laws. Her actions resulted in injuries to an international author, investigative reporter and fashion icon, whose name will not be mentioned in this report.

Yan did not have her occupancy license for the residence that she and her family were renting. The author sustained injuries to her neck, back and hand. She has two broken fingers, torn tissue and at this time her physician suspects that she has permanent nerve damage.

One of Yan's favorite phrases is 'who are they going to believe? Me or you? Seeing is believing and you can bet that Yan never thought that one her her victims would have been such a high profile figur. Yue Yan never intended this to find its way into the news media and she deserves the media attention and this spot on the rip off report. I hope that by posting this, nobody else will be harmed or cheated by this con artist.

Now, Broward County has for many years, enabled this woman to steal from and to harm people. For many years head inspector Ralph Gonzalez has been involved with a property in the
Washington Park area - owned by Yue "Denise" Yan. Ask any of Lauderdale's finest and they will tell you that Yan is mentally unfit and that she should not be allowed to own property.

There are at least 100 complaints against Yan who has managed to cheat so called
handymen, and families out of their personal possessions. Beware, that she
frequently posts ads on the internet with her email address [email protected], in search of handymen or other workers. She seems to be praying upon those she feels do not have the means to take legal action against her.

We saw photos, trophies and birth certificates as evidence of the capers and have them all on film.

The most recent family wishes to remain anonymous at this time but explains that Yan conned them by not having her CO for the residence. Yan took 1200 from them and in addition expected them to work for heraround the clock doing work for which they did not have any training.including the installation of rat infested carpeting.

Last Wednesday, Ralph Gonzales showed up and demanded that the family leave on the spot. "we cant do that "replied the Sheriff.
"I can do whatever I want and I have been doing this for years, "said Gonzales. He and Yan disappeared into her mother in law suite for 30 minutes.

Nevertheless, the Sheriff stood by and allowed this to happen. The family was removed without due process and without any notice, which violates both state and federal laws. Afterwards, Yan has continued to use the internet as a vehicle of harassment writing nonsense emails that seemed rather incoherent. She has continued to defame this family, two of which are ordained ministers, of theft of furniture and household items that Yan herself posted Craiglists ads to sell.

We found a plethora of evidence on the internet indicating that Yan has been having people evicted illegally and then turning around and selling their possessions! After the family had moved out, and by the looks of things, were probably the only family who managed to get out with their belongings, Yan continually harassed them, called the police to their store, sent nasty emails and showed up in person to make wild accusations that they had stolen her belongings from the house and to insist that they owe her back "rent."

We heard all sorts of stories from the police about Yan's previous claims that someone named "Barbara Byers" and "Jason" had "spoofed" her emails and even her middle of the night phone calls. She called the police on a man whom she hired to do the landscaping in front of this residence. He appearently planted a small palm tree crooked and she took that as a sign onto her that he intended to kill her. Denise is a control freak and she does anything or will say anything to be nasty and vindictive. This woman will make up lies about you and harass you constantly. You will not have a moment of peace in your home if you rent from her. She comes in without any notice, raids your refrigerator and steals your things from the her mind, whatever you bring to the house is hers.

Offender: Yue Yan

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Fort Lauderdale
Address: 2711 NW 11th street Fort Lauderdale
Phone: 9549347229

Category: Miscellaneous


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