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Me and my wife went to Holmes motors to buy a car, I knew Brian Holmes for years, we had went to high school together so I did not think he would try and rip us off. BIG TIME MISTAKE!

After telling us that we had to wait two weeks for them to be able to use this "new lender", Brian Holmes called and said, "WE GOT YOU APPROVED"! Me and my wife went down to the dealership and Brian Holmes told us that there was only two cars there that they could put us in, so we looked at a 2004 mercury sable gs, the car appeared to be in good shape and my wife liked the way it drove (the car was going to be for her) and Brian Holmes and Rusty Keedum (not sure of his last names spelling) told us that this would help to re-build my wife's credit, and in 6 months to a year she could trade it in there for a brand new car.

Well we agreed to the deal which included us trading in our 2001 dodge grand caravan. The dodge had a lein on it of $1000.00 which in our sales contract, Holmes motors agreed to pay off. The contract states they gave us $2500.00 for our trade in, $1500.00 to come off the price of the "new" car, and $1000.00 to the lein holder. The lein holder was a friend of mine that I was buying the dodge grand caravan from. Well Brian Holmes stated to us that the lein holder would get his money in a few days. So my wife signed the sales contract and finished the deal.

The salesman Keith then gave us the key to the mercury with one remote, I asked him were the other remote and key was and he stated" THATS ALL WE HAVE IS ONE". Then told me we could have others made. The carhad a cracked windshield and two nails in the tires, Brian Holmes stated to just bring it back in and he will have both issues fixed. We left thinking everything was okay.

I brought the car back a few days later to get the tires fixed and they did so with no problems and stated that the windshield was on order. A WEEK AND A HALF LATER, Brian Holmes called me and stated that we had to come back in and sign more paperwork. I asked him what it was for and he stated he didnt want to say over the phone. I told him i would call him monday and get with him on it.

I called him monday, neither him nor Rusty Keedum were there. I called tuesday, same thing. I called the next day and got Rusty and asked him what this was all about and at first he said "just come in, we'll talk about it". I demanded to know the situation, and he said "LOOK, F*ER, YOU HAVE TO BRING THE CAR BACK"!

I then spoke to Brian Holmes and he stated that the credit company denied our loan, and that we had to come up with another $1000.00 for them to approve us. He gave me some sob story about how he is doing everything he can to get us approved and that this "new" credit company has been kicking back all the deals they send to them after first approving them.

Well after checking our contract and paperwork, we called the credit company and they stated that we were already approved and the deal was done and that it sounded like to them that HOLMES MOTORS was trying to scam us out of another $1000.00! They verified our account with them 4 times that day!

I call Brian Holmes back and asked him when we could come in and get our windshield fixed, he stated "WE HAVE TO GET YOU APPROVED FIRST". I told Brian Holmes that i spoke to the credit company and they assured us we were already approved! He said well he will have to check on that. We already have a tag on the car and it is titled in my wife's name. We have already recieved a PAYMENT BOOK FROM THE CREDIT COMPANY! Brian Holmes called and said that unless we pay them another $1000.00, they were going to come get the car. The contract states that HOLMES MOTORS signed there rights to the car over already!

I contacted the police, the Attorney Generals office, the local ABC station, WLOX, and have retained an attorney. HOLMES MOTORS came to my house to retrieve the car and I called the police. J ackson county sheriff's dept. Arrived on scene and informed the two men from HOLMES MOTORS to leave and not return because Jackson county sheriffs office has already inspected our contract and paperwork and the car is legally ours. The two men started making threats saying " WE'LL GET THAT B*H AT HER WORK"! The police officer instructed them to leave and not to go to my wife's work or to my work! The men stated that they had a key and a remote to the car, A LIE THAT THEY TOLD US WHEN WE BOUGHT THE CAR! THEY STATED THERE WAS NO SECOND KEY OR REMOTE!

We have since had attempts at the car being stolen. My wife called me crying saying that there were two hispanic males trying to break in to our garage, I was at work at the time and we called the police, the two men got in there car and drove off when they seen that my wife had saw them! 15 minutes later the same two men arrived at my work, I was in the new car that we had bought and I chased them off of my works property and called the police to my work.

A few days later while I was at home with the car in the garage, the panic alarm on the car started going off! I looked outside and RUSTY KEEDUM FROM HOLMES MOTORS was in a truck in front of my house with the other remote to our car hitting the panic button to make the alarm go off. I went outside and told him to stop and that we needed to talk, he said "I'M GONNA GET THAT CAR ONE WAY OR ANOTHER MOTHER F*R"! And proceeded to say that he called my work and got me fired (he did call but I did not get fired) and he stated that my wife was going to jail and so was I! He then started yealling towards my neighbors, "PAY YOUR BILLS MOTHER F*R", and kept hitting the panic button on the car remote.

I have filed charges on him for his actions, but he has now resorted to making harassing phone calls to me and my wife, and we have living in fear of what they might do. I have been told by local law enforcement and many many others that HOLMES MOTORS WILL EMPLOY CRIMINALS TO DO THERE DIRTY WORK! And I have also been told that HOLMES MOTORS has had charges streaching from fraud, to selling stolen cars and that they have been convicted of rolling back odometers!

THESE GUYS ARE CRIMINALS! We have every legal right to keep this car and we are not gonna be just another sucker that they screw over and extort money from! This place needs to be stopped! They have taken advantage of too many hard working honest people in this area and need to be out of business! If anyone has a dispute with HOLMES MOTORS or you have information about there legal activity, please contact WLOX - T. V. 13, theres already an investigation into these crooks and we need to run them out of bussiness! Also contact the Attorney General's office.

Anthonyocean springs, Mississippi

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Offender: Holmes Motors, D'iberville, MS

Country: USA   State: Mississippi   City: D'iberville
Address: 10657 Boney Ave
Phone: 2283924054

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