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Complaint / Review
Lou-dayo Worldwide Scam Loudayousa Fraud
Loudayolou-dayolou-dayo worldwide scam annetta l smith of loudayo took my money and did not send me the amount of gold as promised!

This individuals website states they can help you purchase gold from Ghana, Africa without any worries. This the first email I received after inquiring about gold purchases from Annetta's website.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Yes, you can make a good living purchasing gold from Ghana and re-selling it to USA refineries.

However, the gold is purchased in "kilograms" not ounces. Sellers in Ghana sell their gold at a percentage discount of the 2nd London Fix. Example: if the 2nd London Fix price is $32,000 per kilogram aka kg, you can purchase direct from the miners and re-sell to the refinery. The price you receive from the miners all depends on the quantity you buy.

I am currently in Ghana. If you want to talk more, you can contact me directly in Ghana at 233-249-489-010.

This my email back to Annetta after I received her first email.

Annette thank you for your reply. At the current rates the refiners are willing to pay at $32 per penny weight x 20 =$640 an ounce x 32 troy ounces = $20,480 per kilo. The market closed at 886.05 x 32 = $28,353.60 per kilo on Friday. I do not want to waist your time I only have $5000 to spend and wanted a smaller amount to start off with such as 10 ounces at $500 an ounce then worked my way up from there. Just like you mention in your newsletter time to change professions. Thank you, your information was much helpful. God Bless

This was her response.
Private purchases — you can start with 8 ounces

Don't sell yourself short. My goal was to give you an idea of what you can accomplish not discourage you.

We're willing to work with you to get you started. Realistically, $5,000 will get you about 8 ounces. The other two ounces would have to be used to pay for the export fees and documents for the gold to be legally exported to you from the country of origin to you in the USA. One of the documents is the certificate of ownership showing you bear legal title to the gold. After the refinery has assayed the gold then paid you, you will then sign ownership of it over to the refinery.

Let me know when you're ready to get started.


This woman is in Ghana she is an American black lady from Tulsa, OK who after our first telephone conversation told me she owns a gold mine just outside of Accra, Ghana and had the gold on her possession. I just want to warn any aspiring entrepreneurs who want to get into the precious metals business, watch out for the slick talkers. Her website and telephone conversations were convincing that's why I took the plunge.

To make a long story short I deposited $5000 into her Bank of America business account which is under Lou-Dayo out of Tulsa, OK to place an order of 8 ounces of gold for which she said I should receive after about a week. After calling her everyday for about two weeks to see what the status was of my order I finally get an email showing me my airway bill, assay report, packing list, and an invoice showing that I was getting only two ounce bar of gold at 96 percent purity with a value of about $ where if I sold it I would get only half of that.

When I questioned the difference her response was not to sell the gold to a refinery and solicit it to buyers who were interested in making purchases in larger quantities because that was where my money was to be made and I had proof I received gold from a reliable supplier. What a load of bull. She stole my money expecting to make me her mandate by putting me in a hole. Every time I spoke to Annetta she was always nice and kept praising how lucky I was to find her and not had gotten ripped off from other false offers.

Bottom line is I got taken

Annetta Smith Lou-Dayo USA Lou-Dayo Worldwide Ghana Limited is a scam

Offender: Lou-dayo Worldwide Scam Loudayousa Fraud

Country: USA   State: Oklahoma   City: TULSA
Address: 5137 N HARTFORD AVE
Phone: 9184952850

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