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Complaint / Review
Greg Flowers - First Net Mortgage
Expecting to operate multiple locations without being licensed! Fraud!

I received a call from Jason Trinidad in Nevada, stating that he was un-happy with his current employer and that he and another co-worker planned on parting ways from First Net Mortgage. Jason and I spoke about the affiliation that would take place with my company. He explained his volume and goals for turn his newly formed partner filled out the on-line application for the use of the PacDex system we provide to mortgage professionals to help maximize their potential.

Two weeks before they signed the documents, I received a call from Greg Flowers. He is the President and Principal Broker for First Net Mortgage. He had explained that he wanted to become part of my company and that he had done his "Due Dilligence" on us. He stated that there were only a few bad comments on the internet about PacDex and seemed to him that they were just people complaining without cause.

Mr. Flowers filled out the application and received a contract for the affiliation. He had read the contract, had his attorney read the contract, and then signed, initialed and Notarized this contract. He proceeded to remit all necessary documentation to become operational and sent in his Software Licensing fees for the use of PacDex. Simply put, Our system needs to be utilized for Compliance Reasons, so that individuals can not hi-jack our licensing.

People do not seem to understand that there are individuals out there that will do and say anything to get what they feel they saying this, Mr. Flowers NEVER disclosed to the company that he had multiple locations that were operational. Furthermore, We are brokers, NOT a Banking Institution whereas we are NOT exempt from licensing.

Mr. Flowers called in on one occasion and discussed the heirarchy of the relationship. He wanted to make sure that Jason Trinidad was not able to call in to the Corporate office and speak to anyone. He wanted full control and made a point to have Jason on a leash. A few days later Jason said that he was going to stay with Mr. Flowers until he was given his $15,000 that was owed to him. Jason furthermore disclosed that Mr. Flowers was going to retain said funds until the time at his discretion.

Once Greg Flowers had his training of the PacDex and was given every scenerio on the infrastructure of my company, he was made operational. He was Operational for 3 weeks with my company, and decided to quit. Every piece of our agreement was fulfilled. Unfortunately Mr. Flowers decided not to disclose that he had 5 offices and was going to operate them without proper licensing. When we confronted him on this he asked for his money the contract, all employees must live within 75 miles of the office. I do NOT see how this could be mistaken for anything other than what was delineated.

Operating an unlicensed branch is ILLEGAL. With his vast knowledge in the industry (as his web-site annotates) he should know this. Of course I know that his "FRIENDS" should know this as well... Mr. Flowers Friends...

"Monterrey Bay CAMB Presidents Mike Roberto (who just happens to work for me) and Silicon Valley CAMB President Stanley Tseng (who I worked with for 4 years at a previous employer)"

Even though Mike Roberto is a Loan Agent in Greg Flowers' organization, I'm sure being the President of the CAMB - Geater Monterrey Bay Area he would have to agree on the licensing of EVERY branch, NOT JUST THE ONE HE FELT WAS MINIMAL.

What Mr. Flowers forgets, even to this day, is that he became part of OUR infrastructure. He found us. He had multiple conversations and never disclosed his entire business plan in full. One reason for not explaining a full business plan is to commit FRAUD under OUR licensing, whereas we would be held liable, NOT him. It seems that Mr. Flowers wanted to gain access to our infrastructure to utilize the PacDex, take the information and have someone mimic the operation.

In reading on, an employee of his is actually a very acclaimed web designer and computer analyst. He has built sites for MTV, FOX, etc. Now why would we allow for someone with 5 branches already, steal our infrastructure and copy our proprietary software. He definitely has this capability.

Mr. Flowers now is trying to "strong arm" my company to refund monies paid for the use of our Operating System. When and individual blatantly goes against Standard Operating Procedures, (after the training), there is no second chance. Signed in the contract is also a ZERO FRAUD POLICY. (Mr. Flowers must have missed that as well) Licensing means more to my other Loan Officers and I will NOT jeopardize their futures for the acts of one renegade "Broker" that thinks he can operate under any accord he any event, if I was given a contract of any form, I would've read it in full. If there were any questions about said contract, they would've been addressed and handled BEFORE executing that very contract.

In conclusion, as he makes his demands in various e-mails, his theatrically creative dialog is truely second to none! When explaining a situation, there is no need for name calling or escallating to threats. That type of language is only a crutch to the crippled conversationalist. Respectively.

GREG FLOWERS needs only to operate under his OWN licenses. At no time should he be hired by a different Affiliate Company. Any BRANCHING COMPANIES out there, do not hire this individual unless you have full disclosure. If you do, your licenses and business model are at full risk!!!

Offender: Greg Flowers - First Net Mortgage

Country: USA   State: California   City: Capitola
Address: 1350 41st Ave. , Suite 200
Phone: 8314777200

Category: Miscellaneous


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