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Complaint / Review
Southwest Debt Services, Owner Bryon Clayton
Debt Analyst. I persuaded people who were having a hard time paying their bills to join a debt settlement program

My main issue with Bryon Clayton and SDS is that #1, they are extremely unprofessional. Bryan and henchwoman Kari's management style is to bully the employee into submission and into working harder toward the goal of enrolling more members into the debt settlement program that a behind-the-scenes company ultimately is responsible for. When I was there, WE DID NOT SETTLE ANY DEBT, nor were we allowed to let the client know we were not settling their debt. We called the company who was settling our clients' debt "our settlement department." At the time I felt this was dishonest... And I still do. Especially in light of the fact that we touted our sterling reputation with the BBB, when the REAL company who settled our clients' debt have 168 complaints against them with the BBB over the last three years!

My second issue is that during our weekly meetings Bryon would single out employees (mostly men) and humiliate them in front of all the rest of us. I found this bullying behavior very degrading and inhuman. I could not believe that this man considered himself to be a religious and family minded man. Many of the men he singled out had been and were very good producers pretty much consistently. If they had a bad week or month. Watch out. If the man tried to defend himself or ask a question that Bryon did not want to answer or bring up a subject that Bryon didn't want brought up, his words would become even more cutting and cruel. It was a very emasculating and embarrassing for the victim and most of the rest of us who had to look on.

The third troubling thing about SDS was the cliquishness and favourtism between Kari (Bryon's eyes and ears when he was away) and her very few favorites. She was and I suppose still IS a very bitter and unhappy woman who likes to find her own special victims to pick on, insult, injure, harass, gossip about, criticize, etc. This becomes very, very personal. If you try to talk to Bryon about it... Don't bother. He will defend her. But Kari is not all mean and hateful. If she loves you, she REALLY loves you and will do everything in her power to promote her special friend, whether they deserve it or not. Always praising that person to Bryon and Sales Manager Jason.

In keeping with troubling item #3, Kari also would use other employees as 'spies' and if someone came back late from a lunch break (because they were in the bathroom sick) she would confront the person with, "An employee saw you come in 14 minutes late from lunch..." and 'write up' the tardy employee. This is the kind of pettiness that went on there (and I assume still does.) The employees are treated more like ignorant and untrained children than professional adults who were hand picked and hired by the management team.

If Kari does not like an employee, she will roll her eyes behind your back when you speak, ignore your questions, not reply to your emails, etc. She and Bryon are of one mind when it comes to their lack of respect for their employees.

The final issue I have with SDS and Bryon Clayton is the pay structure. It did change two or three times while I was there. It DID seem that when Bryon was tired of someone or felt they were 'burned out' instead of encouraging them or giving them a pep talk, he would have Jason go through their computer looking for anything they could use. Then he would immediately fire them (esp. If they had not been producing for a week or so). This enabled Bryon to keep all of the commissions for himself and his company.

It's sad that there is such a negative us versus them attitude by the management there at SDS. It does not help the company, it does nothing to encourage better sales, and it certainly is not in the best interest of the client.

Offender: Southwest Debt Services, Owner Bryon Clayton

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Mesa
Address: 1001 W SOuthern Ave. MEsa Arizona

Category: Miscellaneous


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