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Tiny Town Texas Kirk Newton
Tiny Town Texas And Kirk And Tracy Newton Unscrupulous Chihuahua "breeders" are selling genetically defective dogs for thousands of dollars. Selling "Show Quality" dogs that are well below pet quality standards even. No better than a Puppymill

Complaint / review text:
I purchased a Chihuahua puppy from Kirk Newton and Tiny Town Texas after Kirk PROMISED me that my puppy would be a Show Quality dog and would have no defects and would weigh four pounds or less (the weight is not important to me though). After paying $1600 for the puppy, 5 months later after I received the dog I noticed she had an extreme underbite that was causing bleeding to her gums. She also had two very splayed out front feet so that she walked like a seal. She also weighed almost six pounds. Additionally she has luxating patellas and a collapsed trachea.

My veterinarian said this breeder is just another example of unscupulous breeding practices and I made an appointment to have the pup spayed. When she went in for her spay, they drew blood from her and she would not stop bleeding. Turns out she also has Von Willebrands Disease which is a rare GENETIC blood disorder where the dog's blood won't clot. Now she needs a blood tranfusion just to be spayed.

Kirk is in serious denial about the quality of dogs/puppies he produces. He is a mass breeder and uses breeding as his sole source of income. He states that all of his dogs are "show quality" etc. When in reality they are a walking genetic disaster area. Kirk is rude, pretentious and arrogant and refuses to give me any of my money back for this puppy. He is a liar and will say ANYTHING to make a sale on a living breathing animal that cannot help that it has genetic deficits.

I sent Kirk documentation regarding all of these problems and he says he has NEVER had one complaint about any of his puppies, so he does not believe me. That, in itself is a bald faced lie. I contacted approximately eight respected Chihuahua breeders in Texas that all know who Kirk Newton and Tiny Town Texas are. The opinion of the masses was that he is a scam artist that soley has his own interests in mind and does not care about the quality of pups he produces... He is in it for the almighty dollar alone.

Kirk told me he has been a Chihuahua breeder for over 30 years... Another lie. He has only been breeding for a few years at best and before that he was an UPHOLSTERY REPAIRMAN. He also states clearly on his site that he ONLY breeds Chihuahuas; however, that is quite obviously another lie because he also breeds Brussels Griffons, BrussChis, AND Maltese.

Kirk is rude in his emails and denies any negligence of Breeding. His #1 stud dog "Kodiak" is NOT a Champion at all like Kirk states he is. He told me my puppy was Champion Sired and she is NOT because her father was Kodiak and he is not a Champion... So I have no idea where Kirk makes things up like this.

This whole situation has me so frustrated and out a lot of money in vet bills. Please do yourself a favor and do not even THINK about buying a dog from this evil man. He is a con artist and will say anything to make you buy a dog. He is basically running a puppymill and does not care at all for the welfare of the dogs or the heartache of potential owners because of his unethical breeding standards. I was completely polite and nice to him until he turned into a nasty nasty person that cannot accept any of his wrongdoings. I am done with Tiny Town Texas and Kirk Newton, he belongs in a dark place. I don't know how he sleeps at night.


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Offender: Tiny Town Texas Kirk Newton

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Edgewood
Address: www. tinytowntexas. com
Phone: 9038962223

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