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Complaint / Review
Ann Smith and Umar Sanda Zeba
Consumer Report

Ann Smith Contacted me from a dating website and used Yahoo Messenger and my Email For a Romance scam that started in May. She is also involved with Umar Sanda Zeba at same address! He is suppose to be the boss! Their phone number is 011233262691516 Using an AT&T International calling card and 2330262691516 within the country of Ghana! Ann Smiths most recent pictures can be seen at and then searching for Ann Angel on that site! Her webcams are at the bottom of the page. She is also using the name also currently as Lisa Anabel, [email protected] She can be found from googeling Lisa Anabel Scammer Accra, Ghana. She is using older pics of herself on there! The incident and complaint has been filed with the Conway Police Department with officer D Worley, badge#488, Report #13-05136 on 5/13/13! Ann Smith is 35 y.O. Supposed BD 1/15/1977 and Umar Sanda Zeba is in his early 30s! Umar Sanda Zeba pic use to be on NAIJA PALF Itried to find it again but could not! I have sent money to: Ann Smith by Western Union and Moneygram and have sent money to: Umar Sanda Zeba several times Western Union and Moneygram on her behalf! To Ibrahim Saeed Sanni many times wire Transfer from 1st Seurity bank to Stanbick Bank, Ring Road, Ghana, DDA Acct# 1021429321601 She said that was her Uncle but later admitted she had no Uncle! I have wire transfered money to Ibrahims bank account several times The Banck swift code for Stanbick Bank is SBICGHAC. I have sent money to Oscar Abdul Salam by post office/Fed. Ex. Both times to Oscar Abdul Salam Who she said was her uncle! Once for $1000.00 which she got and once for $2,000.00 she said was stolen! And money sent to him Western Union! Oscar was suppose to be the boss at an orphanage where she said she worked but the Orphanage does not exist and she lied about all of that! I also sent Western Union to Abdul Salam Oscar on her behalf! I sent money wire transfer to Labaran Ali Abrahim who supposidly was her Stepdad, to Stanbick Banck DDA Acct# 0121425155801, swift code SBICGHAC! Who she said was her stepdad also! And she also told me her stepdad was Umar Sanda Zeeba also! She has no mother which she said she had and my son looked up Umar Sanda Zeba whi si in his early 30s and when I asked her about that she got mad and said Cant my mother marry a younger man? She has No Mother! That was all a lie! But she told me a story about her mother being in the hospital and needed money for all of her Bills! The dates and amounts sent directly to Ann Smith and to others on her behalf were: Internet Romance Scam 5/21 $4000.00,5/21/12$700.00, 5/23 $4500.00, 5/30 $300.00, 6/15 $1000.00,6/5/12$1000.00, 6/16 $1000.006/17/12$1000.00, 6/18 $1000.00, 6/19 $1000.00, 6/20 $1000.00, 6/20 $500.00, 6/28 $500.00, 7/5 $2500.00, 6/29 $2000.00, 7/10 $1000.00, $ 7/18 $3000.00, 8/3 $200.00, 8/20 $100.0 08/22 $6000.00, 8/24 $1000.00, 9/11 $3000.00, 10/1 $2000.0 05/9 $5100.00, 6/15 $5000.00, 6/4 $1000.00, 1/26 $875.00, 4/6 $100.00, 4/8 $2700.00, 4/26 $680.00, 4/26 $270.00, 1/25 875.00, 1/25 2750.00, 1/22 $100.00 1/17 $100.00, 12/18 $500.00, 12/15 $100.00, 12/12 $200.00, 10/4 $250.00, 11/20 $325.00, 5/9 $5100.00, 6/15 $5000.00, 6/4 $1000.00, 3/13 $2387.00 Non Refundable United Airline Ticket For a total of $61,612.50 not including Credit Card money I have sent to to buy her food with and then turned around and sold food for money! Western Union Loss Prevention called me and told me they were denying me service and when I asked why the told me Ann Smith is getting money sent to her from all over the world! Please, Please Please investigate this! This is a huge operation that gets all kinds of forms forged and they are making millions off of all the men that are being scammed from all over the world! I would like restitution for the money I have lost and would like to see them go to prison! She told me her mom died when she was 14 y.O. And she was wondering the streets and these people picked her up, put a roof over her head, fed, her and clothed her and got her into doing porn and scamming! She is now 35 and she has never been caught! She is also currently scamming under the name of Lisa Anabel! That email is lisa. [email protected]! You can see the pictures of herself at a younger age by going Googleing Lisa Anabel, Scammer Accra, Ghana! Can you somehow let me know that this case is being investigated? PLEASE! And what the status of the complaint is? Thank you very, very Much! Steve Larscheid

Offender: Ann Smith and Umar Sanda Zeba

Country: USA

Category: Miscellaneous


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