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PC Tritium LLC

I have a very bad feeling about this company. I'm not sure if they have access to my personal information. They have convinced me to sign up with them in order that my computer will be safe from any type of virus and hacking for my lifetime, all to the total cost of $899. I signed with them at the end of April. Two days ago, I ...

Sponsored whips

The company contacted me made offers of thousand plus dollars a month if I use consumer advertising to advertise the company's that are sponsoring but... They wanted 198 dollars ish plus tax about 200 dollars. Witch didn't make sense so I called back no answer. Got call back from the guy trying to say I was committing fraud ... (Douglas Pepper Lang)
I dont know what is happening to as it claims as IT Professional within 18 or something years

I have made order for about 5 months ago. 1 Nyrius NPCS-5500 and 1 Tely HD Camera from "well-professional-ed" I don't need to write down anything about it, just read it my conversation history from skype, below: [04/11/2013 3:23: 57 AM] Barry Mirzanto: Hi High Technology International, I'd like to add you ...


I completed a survey on line that did not indicate any charge. At the end of the survey, a watch was offered for $4.99 plus shipping. On my bank statement I have been charged the correct amount for the watch and have received same. I will return it if necessary. But also on my bank statement is a charge for $95.00 which was not ...