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Tara medium

I also was scammed by Tara medium. I found out "SHE" was a fraud but it was too late. I alreay have paid $26.33 (was broken down in to 3 payments bc i was sceptical). So, I emailed her & told her I wanted an refund I wasn't satisfied & this was she said & following email she sent: Today is not a lucky day, dear Amanda. To be ...

Cooz. Co. Kr
Oversea Fraud

I discovered through online statement on my credit card that there were 22 foreign charges from Korea websites of www.COOZ. Co. KR SEOUL KR and SEOUL KR on the same day September 1,2012. I had called my creditor to report the fraudulent activities. I have no idea what those businesses are and I have never done ...

All Terrain Media
Unauthorized charges

I noted a charge of $39.95 dated 8-3-12 from online media. I figured it was something she bought. BUT, on Sept. 4,2012 the same $39.95 was charged again. My wife said it was nothing she ordered or authorized. I went to our bank. Teller could not initially find a contact phone number. A long term bank member looked in another ...

Trial teeth product

I was charged $77.63 on my master card plus the shipping. I have the copie of our agreement WICH IS CLEAR about free trial and I also have my Master card debit for the above amount and shipping. Canadien consummer protection will be getting back to them next week I am putting a complaint. I promise you if no other Canadien have ...