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Boogscraft Bad Attitude, False TOS violation accusations, Employees bully & mock customers, feign excuse for blocking accounts

Complaint / review text:
Soon after I bought enjoyable coins about the Cellufun site in '09, a Cellufun worker, display title "boogscraft" blocked my capability to use relevant facets of the web site — including capability to talk for just one year centered on an accusation of "cheating" after I built remarks in a talk region in his existence going out the unjust trade of Cellupoints (CPis) that are free, abundant and ineffective for all of the notable activities, for Funcoins that are not abundant if you don't invest money for them. For instance, it isn't unusual to pay for 25 enjoyment coins to get a surprise package includes a minuscule 2 fc's, or perhaps a Present carrier charging 2 enjoyment coins includes ineffective cp's. Boogscraft quickly charged me of cheating after I recommended that people use Operais recharge function within the Holiday game. Centered on my reaction to remarks, it had been obvious I'd no concept it was regarded "cheating." It had been likewise obvious to Boogscraft that I'd only started enjoying that sport without any time for you to enjoy the purpose. Irrespective of this, there's nothing concerning the 'refresh' purpose that violates Cellufun TOS. Despite participant protests, I had been "closed up" to get a year. The cash I'd allocated to funcoins ($20) to be able to buy garments and providers for my character was for nothing as closed participant avatars use a jail jumpsuit. The intimidation didn't finish using the secure, Boogscraft then proceeded to check my website and remove the records. I documented this conduct via [email protected] to no avail.

On around July 5,2011, I started enjoying the Hat Child sport, obtaining one hat for every of two display names. A couple of days in, the web site was experiencing numerous 'insects' or techical issues. Consequently of the, 99 fcis were deducted from my take into account racks after I visited about the logbook. I published Cellufun assistance about that via the website twice to no avail. I tried utilizing the Customer Care quantity which had a continuing quick chaotic indication during business hours after which simply called after 5 pm. Lastly, on or around Mon 7/11/11, I delivered a contact to [email protected] The next may be the unedited report of the e-mail trades most abundant in recent showing first. Charm is me JK may be the Cellufun repetition:

# Please don't create below this point #
Your demand (#29489) continues to be considered resolved.

J. K., Jul-13 16:49 (EDT):
Possibly The latter of the two.:-)
Cheers for enjoying Cellufun

Charisma62, Jul-13 16:47 (EDT):
Really? Nicely, your first error was the selection of eatery.
You're easily amused.
You gonna tell me which TOS product I allegedly broke, or have you been likely to proceed along this route of unprofessionalism and childishness?

Original Message

J. K., Jul-13 16:28 (EDT):
And chicken too
Thanks for enjoying Cellufun

Charisma62, Jul-13 16:17 (EDT):
just-out of attention, which of these 22 TOS products did I allegedly break.

Original Message

J. K., Jul-13 15:56 (EDT):
Our Denny's Grand Slam was designed to include bacon.:- (
Cheers for enjoying Cellufun

Charisma62, Jul-13 15:32 (EDT):
it may never be real since youare asking me to possess as much as something which could be confirmed untrue if anybody might care to take some time to appear. I am not likely to let you know I absconded with enjoyable coins with any quantity of sincerity since I did not. Besides, if you should be rebuilding use of those who have accepted to wrong-doing, what is the purpose of the entrance, anyhow?
everything else apart to get a second, I've to express, your perspective is spectacular. Absolutely a training chance for some supervisor, however again it has been my expertise that issues with associates are often characteristic of poor management among 1st line supervisors.
Ugh! It is only dawned on me that I cannot record this absurd scenario without unveiling my identification and I definitely wouldn't need some of my company contacts comprehending that I am associated with this pettiness or even the rankandfile at Cellufun by any means. Therefore, yours as well as your bossis completely absurd method of your careers is secure till I will determine a method to understand this before professionals with a few level of privacy.

Original Message

J. K., Jul-13 15:02 (EDT):
I'll not be resetting your code. Your entrance isn't real. Contact whoever you want.
Thanks for enjoying Cellufun

Charisma62, Jul-13 14:45 (EDT):
I would like to understand this directly. You're requesting me to inform you a lie-in order to obtain my entry repaired? And also you've repaired the use of people who've accepted to TOS violations???
should you cannot examine, you then must have the person check who offered the purchase. I am not likely to let you know I did something which I didn't when it is completely provable — if anybody might care to appear — that I didnot. If this isnot really occurring in my experience at this time, I'dnot think it.
I really donot understand what else to complete here... I don't wish to spread this communication as in my opinion you're certainly subsequent purchases, but I am being left without any option. Should you cannot resolve this, then I'll request David Dacek to have a look at it.
you would like me to possess as much as doing anything I understand full well used to donot just do to achieve use of a-game. That is somewhat absurd. This is my last request. Our next communication, that'll contain many of these emails, would go to David.
you'll need me to express what? Ok, I Will declare what if that will assist you. I broke TOS — do not know how and every enjoyable cash I've hasbeen gained or bought, but when it's going to get this scenario disappear without me needing to consider this uncomfortable pettiness to some Cellufun government, I beg nevertheless, you require me to. There! Is the fact that better?
the only real reason I'venot drawn the trigger currently is basically because your really apparent childhood and inexperience is yelling at me. Although you've been only a little less than skilled and municipal with me, I am not keeping that against you. Again, childhood and inexperience. I view it constantly.
I really hope we are not at an empass. I am from additional options. The ball is inside your courtroom.

Original Message

J. K., Jul-13 14:14 (EDT):
Our purchases are not to reset anybodyis code that has been flagged like a violator of the TOS, until they acknowledge to doing this. To date you're the only real hold on. I can't do any check up on the allegations we're putting in your display title when I am not fitted using the proper resources or instruction to do this.

Thanks for enjoying Cellufun

Charisma62, Jul-13 13:42 (EDT):
incidentally... I recognize Neil isn't any longer with Cellufun, but he keeps communications with David Dacek.

Original Message

Charisma62, Jul-13 13:23 (EDT):
I would like to say it again... Please take some time to check on your documents and obtain your details right. I am not likely to acknowledge to something which used to do not do. Should you might simply take some time to complete your research, you'd observe that.
I am not your work of the generator player. I enjoy occasionally on the casual basis. I consider good crime for your accusation.
Neil Edwards is among my contacts on the skilled marketing report that provides me immediate entry. Having recently dropped my very own work, the final point I do want to do is have something related to someone else being unemployed and/or getting disciplinary activity, nevertheless, your insufficient professionalism and tone are getting me dangerously near to burning this communication and delivering it to him.
I highly claim that you need to do, actually, do some sleuthing. Should you had obtained the full time to achieve that, you'd not need come at me with that insulting, and unfounded accusation. Every fc I've use of I've gained or bought. You'd have recognized that had you examined.
It Is your final decision. What do you want me to complete? And just-so you realize that I am not bluffing, listed here is an exerpt from his account site...
I'd the enjoyment of dealing with Neil while he was President of dotMobi. Neil is definitely an extremely powerful, lively and personable head with real people skills. Neil added together an extremely varied group and impressed and inspired the group to construct a business and product vary from damage. Neilis specific power is based on his capability to begin to see the problem without obtaining hidden at length and his proper emphasis and innovative thinking somewhat added towards the effective start and development of dotMobi. July 27,2008
3rd Caroline H.

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