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Complaint / Review
Mike Morris
Moment-O-Meter, Green Technology, Mike Morris, Lawson, Missouri

After reviewing thoroughly the Mike Morris Internet complaints including all the rebuttals I had no choice but filing this complaint against Mike Morris for having filled a frivolous complaint because Green technology Mfg. And its president Tom Delor refused to obey to his extortion action, which is a felony and a violation of the law (Florida Statute 836-05).
I am also filing this complaint to protect our judicial system of government where someone is innocent until proven guilty. This is not the case here as most people will judge a complaint as being true when published on the Internet by web sites with an allusive name such as “rip off”, “scam”, “shame”, etc. Those web sites are sending the (false) message that millions will view the complainants and get a just redress if they file a complaint on their web site free of charge and for the entire world to see.

I am confident that everyone willing to take the necessary time to read all the files will learn the following: Morris' credit company refused to issue a credit of the amount he paid for his Moment-O-Meter to Green Technology. The decision for rejecting a cardholder request for a credit is judged on the agreement between the parties (the burden is on the merchant) and if the transaction was legal, there cannot be a refund according to the rules regulating credit cards companies. That's exactif what happened here which established that Morris was wrong to request a refund from Green Technology Mfg. Whose money back policy for Internet buyers excluded Morris by the agreement he agreed upon. The myth that you can get your money back for everything you paid by credit card is false. Those “so-called” consumer protection web sites offer false hope to consumers when their complaint with official consumers protection organizations (see below) was rejected.
Factually, Tom Delor, personally and as the president of Green Technology Mfg. Did nothing wrong by sticking to the rules and regulations. Once the credit card company made its final ruling, he justly demanded Morris to retract, delete or correct his complaint to reflect the entire truth. I am not aware that Morris retracted, withdrew retracted or modified his Internet complaint, which is still popping-up when someone search by the keywords that Morris judiciously selected (such as Moment-O-Meter, Green Technology MFG., etc.). I learned by Googling the names of those web sites that the owners of those web sites would never delete or modify the original complaint. Even though this seems unethical, unjust and hurting our commerce, it seems that, the owners have the law on their side because they were not the ones who wrote the complaint and, disclosed clearly to the complainant that they will NEVER delete the original complaint or change it. Even a Court's order could not have any effect on the web site owners because of the new Communications Decency Act. If Green Technology decides to sue Morris, he will be accountable for the damages he has created but the complainants' liability are never disclosed by the web site owners as there have no obligation to disclose it.

Furthermore, the complaint's rebuttals demonstrate that Morris like anyone else could eco drive using the device he bought and save fuel. I agree first hand as I am one of Green Technology Mfg., happy customers saving 33% fuel effortlessly and continuously since I bought it some 9 months ago. I became very suspicious about Morris' honesty when he wrote that he did not save any fuel because this is simply not possible. It is universally admitted that anyone will save at least 10 to 15% fuel by following a few eco-driving tips largely published on the Internet (searching “eco driving tips”).in addition, Morris received a solid sales manager training on how to use the Moment–O-Meter during the time he worked for Green Technology Mfg.

Finally, the mean reason I filed this complaint against Morris was to warn the general public and businesses, against the increasing number of people alike Morris using the free Internet unsupervised (more complaints are filed more traffic increase of the web site) complaints forms instead of the official consumers protection agencies such as the BBB, the Attorney General, the FTC or the Courts of law to obtain redress.

It is a fact that filling a complaint online is practical, free, takes only a few minutes and always published “as is” without supervision, reserve or review. It is the fastest way to retaliate and harass a company (or a person) by someone frustrated or dishonest because there is simply no another way to be heard for a frivolous complaint.
Morris used the online complaint forms as a way to extort money. He seems also be very familiar with all those free easy to fill-in complaint forms which benefit the owners of those web sites to sell their online advertising. It is also a good deal, if his extortion action works -but this was not the case here, as he will never get his money back despite his action and now he exposed himself for all the damages and emotional distress he generated. So before you file an online complaint with an unofficial commercial web site, consult a lawyer because you can be sued for extortion, slander, fraud and defamation

Offender: Mike Morris

Country: USA   State: Missouri   City: LAWSON
Address: 33176 W. 168TH STREET

Category: Internet & Web


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