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Complaint / Review
Gil Hunter
Jeffery Dahmer, Hitler, Satan, Abaddon, Mental Illness, Gil is mentally ill, Sick in the head

Gil Hunter suffers from a mental disorder called narcissism, it refers to such a condition, characterized by both an inflated sense of self-importance and a complete lack of empathy for others. Narcissistic people like Gil Hunter people are entirely self-serving, unaware of anything existing beyond their own needs and perspective. He requires constant signs of approval from others and he is terrified at the thought of rejection. Though attempting to appear strong and firm, Gil operates from a paradigm rooted in fear and a sense of fragility that prevents honest reality he has very low self esteem, this explains Gil's drug and alcohol problems and recent suicide attempts that he denies.

Narcissists like Gil Hunter minimizes others. They antagonize and belittle those they deem to be inferior in their mind. A narcissist doesn't conceptualize people besides himself as individuals with their own purpose, thoughts, or choices. Unable to see beyond his own needs, he is quick to take advantage of those in his presence who are vulnerable. A narcissist like Gil
Hunter will thoroughly disregard the feelings and desires of intimate partners, and expect companions to simply go along with whatever he plans. A narcissist is incapable of true intimacy and finds difficulty maintaining relationships.
Which explains Gil Hunters life, no children, no long term relationships, all of his businesses have failed, no friends and his family will have nothing to do with him. If you are a single lady you should avoid Gil Hunter like an HIV infection.

People with mental diseases like Gil Hunter can easily become jealous of others' accomplishments and paranoid of their intentions. The possibility of pursuing a win/win scenario between colleagues or intimate partners doesn't exist
within the mental framework of such a self-serving person like Gil. Narcissists see life as a game where only one person can win and the other must lose. Furthermore, they think that others operate by the same ideal. Fearing the shame they associate with disappointment, narcissists are determined to "get others first" and have no problem violating moral entitlements
in order to stay ahead which Gil Hunter has a life long history of doing.

Narcissism of the type Gil has actually stems from a deep-seated sense of very very low self esteem. All the grandiose behavior is merely designed to counteract feelings of inferiority lying underneath. Determining himself ill-equipped to meet others sufficiently at an equal exchange, a Gil Hunter has belittled people in a desperate attempt to level the playing field. Taking someone else down a notch allows Gil to temporarily feel better about himself, but simultaneously moves him away from the genuine sense of worth and connection he so desperately wants.

Gil Hunter has adopted an inflexible way of thinking and behaving that will come forth in all his endeavors. He has become stuck to strategies that are harmful to himself and others and has found difficulty adjusting his approach. He will not put aside the tactics he uses, even when the damage being caused is apparent. Gil's narcissistic personality does not readily recognize his view as distorted. For this reason he is a lost soul.

This is the basis of Gil's drug addiction, alcohol abuse and suicide attempts that he denies. He is a man to be pitied, but also avoided in business, this is a deluded and dangerous person.'Very capable of extreme violence and humiliation, you have been warned about this monster.

Slow Ride

Offender: Gil Hunter

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Clearwater
Address: 10870 49th Street North
Phone: 7277765276

Category: Internet & Web


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