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Complaint / Review
Shanda Lancaster Posts Terrible Remarks About Judge Yohn, shandakr, mentally deranged, incompetent, horrible, unbelievable, disrepectful, disgusting

Shanda Lancaster making horrid statements and jokes in bad bad taste against Judge Yohn of Pennsylvania.

Perhaps the best of evidence.

She is shown (as one of 4 defendants) making fun of the plaintiffs and the judge on the case.

Add_username_here Oh Stop!

Feb 25

The facts are Diane started a baseless lawsuit for a vendetta for being
banned from SingSnap. She lied through her teeth there and every where.
Her fake hubby is a flaming homo, has to be to * men. She and her homo
fake hubby is wasting everyone's time and money. She will lose he will
lose. And true justice will prevail. Diane is nothing but a bitter old
woman who is hoping to by CoupondropDown"get money
to sit on her lazy * and blame the entire world that the man she
loves is * and won't marry her. She is ugly on the outside and the
inside to put these people through a case that has no merit. I hope she
gets what she has coming to her. Which is a great big ZERO. Her life is a
great big ZERO and her fake hubby is as ugly as she is. And her video
was hysterical. Who the * wants to see a woman like her prancing
around in a thong? Maybe Bob wears her thongs when she doesn't know it.
Boo hoo Diane and Bob. LMAO

More from shanda...


Feb 25

It was Diane who ran her mouth about her wonderful Bob! He obviously
prefers men over the likes of that *. Bob this, Bob that, yet she
never boasted about his immoral sexual behaviors. She proclaims to be a
Christian yet she lives in sin and lives with a man who has sex with men. How sick is that? Real men do not * with other men unless they are by CoupondropDown"homosexuals.
I suppose she is his cover for his secret life. How the * can she
live with a man who does other men? It makes me want to puke. But she
makes me want to puke too. Bony * * that she is.

Regarding judge yohn...

Hey Bob

Feb 25

How often do you bob by the way? LMAO I thought this was oh so
appropriate for the situation. You may luck out and get a * judge who
will not only sympathize with you but want to try you: zzz Did you hear
about the two homosexual judges? They tried each other.: grin: grin: p
Oh don't let it get you down Bob we understand if Diane can't blow you
the way you like it

Then shanda panicked and tried to get the owner of the original report to remove her "homosexual" comments about judge yohn.

Get This Removed

Feb 26

To the Original Poster of this thread: From the Pissed Consumer FAQ's 5.
Q: What happens if I misrepresented the facts in a prior posting
(posted false information)? A: Users should be advised that
PissedConsumer does not endorse the posting of false information. If you
have made a false posting on our website previously and wish that your
prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter outlining the details
below: Notarized letter must include the following: A statement that you
are the user who posted the information that you now seek to remove; A
statement that the information previously posted by you was incorrect at
the time it was posted; Your full name, mailing address, email address
and signature; The URL (Address) of the subject post as it appears on; The statement "I declare under penalty of perjury
that the information provided in this request is true and accurate to
the best of my knowledge." Legible notary stamp (please make sure we can
read commission or id number) Please send all the documents to our
mailing address that you can find on Contact Us Page. Please also notify
us via form located on the same page. PissedConsumer will review
submitted documents and make determination. Such review may take up to 2

The link to the original report


Offender: Shanda Lancaster Posts Terrible Remarks About Judge Yohn

Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Dickson
Address: 1523 Grab Creek Rd

Category: Internet & Web


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