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Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

This site is pure fraud. I confirm the advice given by another user. I have paid and have even never received the e-mail confirmation. it is pure scam. please someone launch a claim in the US, as they appear to have a branch in California. I am talking to my lawyer in Europe as one must trace and react to situations like that. ...

Dr Orr

Dr Orr from Willow Grove Family Practice, treat my son with the right medicines I trusted her, has her office staff tell a bunch of lies enough to have my child taken away after she treated my son and didnt treat him right his face was all burned up because she was too busy calling children and youth on me and telling lies, she ...

Andrew maron

Http:// Maron an Oral Surgeon in NJ just recently last year had his Dental License REVOKED. He and sister Valerie Schwabb played a DEADLY GAME WITH NJ DENTAL BOARD pretending to patients to be DR Marc Weber Manalapan DENTIST & his WIFE. They allegedly traced WEBERs' Signature to back date Medicaid & ...