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Best Buy
No Lemon Policy

I buy all of my major electronics at Best Buy, including our first computer in 1995 because of the warranty/no lemon policy. However, I recently learned that the policy may not be worth the paper upon which it is written. I bought my first digital camera from Best Buy in October 14,2002 — a Sony 707, which came highly ...

Office Depot
Rebate Scam

Office Depot Rebates: I bought a combined offer for a Compaq notebook and HP printer that offered $250 in rebates. The offer was for $150 from Office Depot, $70 from HP on the notebook and $30 from HP on the combined purchase. The sale was on 5/2/06. I immediately complied with all aspects of the rebate offers and promptly ...

HP printers stink

I purchased a HP PSC 1500v All-in-one printer last fall. I now regret purchasing anything made by HP. The paper either jams or won t feed at all. I purchased a 1310i HP printer about 2 years ago and it does the same thing, but nowhere near as often or as bad as the 1500v. I am glad I paid under $100 for each Of the printers. ...

Kitchen Aid
US refrigerators sucks

Well, so much for a name brand appliance — the compressor in the Kitchen Aid refrigerator failed after less than 3 years — actually it has been malfunctioning for the last 8 months, but the first fix Kitchen Aid had was to replace a part (solenoid) that wasn t under warranty at our cost ($150). It worked again (noisily) for a ...