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Complaint / Review
National Real Estate Investors - NRI - NREA - National Training Academy - Net Marketing Alliance
Double your money or we will pay your tuition James Smith Utah

My husband went to an all day seminar in Carlsbad, CA. He was sold on the Investor Tools and on the Real Estate Program. He bought the Investor Tools that was about $2,000. He came home excited to present me with the information he had learned. Also told me about the programs they offered to get people started into Real Estate. However, he needed me to be on board for him to buy the program. I wasnt sure about the program, but my husband was so excited about getting into Real Estate.

Background informationmy husband is a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, Ca. He is getting out of the corps and wanted something that would support our family. So he decided that this seminar would be informative and best of yet it was FREE!

So later on that evening we received a phone call about the program. Brian had told me that is was about $8,000. It was a lot of money that we didnt have. So the salesman sweet talked both my husband and I. He said that he couldnt sell it to us until I was on board with my husband. So in Brians support I said yes. Then the price jumped from $8,000 to $16,000 for the tuition and $99 for the supplies.

I got sick to my stomach thinking about the money that we didnt have. We were told that we had to put the money on credit cards. Plus he said that we couldnt get the program until we had $10,000 of open credit. The salesman assured me that if we didnt double our money within a year they would pay for our tuition. So I took him up on his offer. We did our weekly meetings with the coach and also spent hours walking through potential money makers. We had to spend a certain amount of hours a week on this program. If it didnt work, we would get a full refund and show the effort we put into it.

So all in all my husband and I couldnt pay our bills because of debt we developed with this company. I moved to Ohio and my husband stayed on Camp Pendleton. We have a two year old, as well, that was thrown in the middle of our shambles. I fought and fought with this company about getting our money back. It was a joke, I was told that because we didnt put in our 30 offers that we didnt meet the criteria of a refund. My husband and I have been separated for almost a year (only to pay for bills), my son hasnt seen his daddy in almost a year, and we still cant seem to put a dent into this debt.

I have gone to others for advice about this company until I came across this today. We have been fighting with this company almost a year now. I explained to the company that we couldnt put in our offers due to the amount of debt we are in. As well of the fact that my husband and I no longer live in the same state. I believe that we were put back about $20,000 all together, not including the 28% interest we are paying on our credit cards. This has been a costly mistake as well as a wedge between our family.

Please research this company before anyone tries to sale you on it. Yes the sales pitch is great! The promises seem awesome and flawless. I am still trying to get what was promised to us.


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