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Likely a Scam

Payment accepted, but no product ever shipped. Emails are not answered. Good thing I used a credit card to make purchase. Now I have opened a dispute and will let the credit company deal with this disreputable individual. Always use a card when buying anything over the internet since you really don't know what kind of clown ...


This company is a scam operation, likely from India; they run a diagnostic on your computer telling you how infected it is and in my case, telling me that my 2.5 year old Dell PC had 148 outdated executable drivers which the would update and warranty for two years at a price of $3.27 per driver or $483.96! My God, the PC isn't ...

Covenant eyes
Faulty Software

Covenant eyes is not reliable. It is only a matter of time before it fails and when it does it's effect is the complete opposite of what it is supposed to be which is to give someone else peace of mind. I have been paying for years and am now fed up as it has failed me yet again. Stay away from this program. Find something ...