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Ipped off by walmart

Originally we bought a phillips 46" tv on 12/28/2013 that was paid by cash on 01/25/2014 we returned that tv because the sound went so we had it replaced with the same extact tv on 1/26/2014 we returned back to Walmart with the other tv for the same issue. So we decide to change brands and go ...

Ox says one thing product anothe

Walmart sells great value products and lately i have purchased crackers, (saltine) that had no salt and crackers that werte all broken up and it was a good thing we were eating soup and i had a houseful of people that just dumped the crumbs in there soup, My husband was upset and money does't grow ...

Family Mobile Walmart
Consumer Report

I would not recommend Family Mobile via Walmart to anyone. Since I have had this telephone for a few months I have have many nonservice days. So, today, I called and cancelled my service which I was told that I had signed a contract even though in large letters this is no contact phone service... A ...

Consumer Report

I purchased a brand new 47" Flat screen Visio television. I only purchased this brand because I own 3 others & Never had any problems. And about 2 weeks after owning the Televion, it would not turn on as if it was broken. I take it back to walmart because there are warranties, and do ...

Walmart Gift Family Mobile
Consumer Report

For three weeks I have been trying to resolve a telephone swaping numbers with Walmart Family Mobile customer Service seems to go nowhere. At time I stayed for about 30 minutes or more with unsuccessful result. Customer Service is worthless because first the representative made the wrong decision ...