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Kaplan University
TO lead others in Bad Business This is the worst financail business experiance that I have had yet with a college, Kaplan is not only dishonest they have no experiance in customer, student relations

Kaplan was clever in their acedemic approach. They deceive you from the beginning. I like so many went to attend there. Was informed from my financail aid counselor that the FA was enough for my tuition, but just incase would I sign and apply for a loan thru CITI Bank, so I did, but was assured that I did not need the loan. ...

Kaplan University
Ripping me in financial aid payments

I started with Kaplan University back in January 2009 and took two quaters at Kaplan University however on my third quater I wanted to take a break due to illness and being under alot of finanical stress, working, studying and trying to make ends meet. I called Kaplan to speak to my student advisor and never actually spoke to ...