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Consumer First Platinum Card

I sent them a $50 dollar money order, recieved the card, and was surprised to find out that i had to order from a catalog. I was under the understanding this was a normal credit card i could use anywhere. There phone is always buissy, the website doesn't work, and i can't find any info with the better buisness. I've been ...

Consumer Preferred

About three years ago, i was mailed a letter to mail in forty nine dollars and i was approved for a credit card that i could use wherever or whenever i needed cash or to purchase. Payment was mailed and they took a while to mail to me. Actually two payments were made, and card was not what what they said it would be. ...

Consumer First Tampa Florida
Consumer First ripoff sent in my fee got the card with 5,000 limit but have yet been able to find the site or be able to order and recieve merchandise

I John in good faith sent the money in for the consumer first credit card. 49.00 fee. I recieved the credit card along with a catalog but have yet been able to order anything or find the web site to order anything. Nor have i heard back from them since i received this credit card. A big rip off scam which is not right for ...

Consumer Preferred

I sent Consumer Preferred $49.00 to obtain a card to order out of their catalog. I received the catalog only one time and that was when I received my card. To use this card you must request the product online then pre-pay a percentage of the total. I have never used this card, however I recently tried to locate the websight ...

Buyright ripoff

They took me for 150.00. How do you get your money back or how do you get justice. I know i work hard for a living - for them to just walk away with it. Beware — they take advantage of single hardworking parents. Kathy plymouth, Ohio U.S.A. ...