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Auto-renew scam

This auto-renewal feature is a nightmare. It wouldn't be so bad if the company is willing to work with you! I understand the advantages. No interuption of service, no re-entering info, etc. For a customer who doesn't WANT to renew it is a nightmare. I will quickly try to explain. Today I had a pending charge on my credit card ...

EHarmony is a huge rip-off

After a lot of thought, I decided to join EHarmony for 3 months. What a RIP OFF! Don't do it! The few "matches" I received were obviously the free "potential customers" who can sign up FREE and get matched. But none of them can post pictures - unless they pay to join. So, when you ask for a photo in the very beginning, they ...

Eharmony Dating Service
Big disappointment, never any photo w/profile. Never gota response back from anyone. It is the biggest scam out there

E-harmony is the biggest scam. I notice right after I joined e-Harmony I started receiving immediate responses. There was never a photo attached to the profile. Whenever I sent a message I never received a response back. After a week with e-harmoony I realize that I had been riped off, I called e-Harmony with my complaint. ...